Wei Yi

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Singing the Internationale, 2008 Oil On Canvas © Nancy's Gallery
Life Caring, 2008 Oil On Canvas © Nancy's Gallery
Our Life is Full of Sunshine-1 Oil On Canvas © Nancy's Gallery
Our Life is Full of Sunshine-3 Oil On Canvas © Nancy's Gallery
Life Caring-1, 2008 Oil On Canvas © Nancy's Gallery
Life Caring-2, 2008 Oil On Canvas © Nancy's Gallery
Life Caring-3, 2008 Oil On Canvas © Nancy's Gallery
Life Caring-4, 2008 Oil On Canvas © Nancy's Gallery
Life Caring-5, 2008 Oil On Canvas © Nancy's Gallery
Life Caring-6, 2008 Oil On Canvas © Nancy's Gallery
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Fujian Privince
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Chinese-contemporary modern

Born in Fujian province in 1969, Wei Yi has started the journey to art in his life since 17 years old. In 1988, he went to the Central Academy of Art to further his study, where he got a giant leap in painting skills. He went through the social transformation from ideal to reality. Therefore, He believes artists should hold a sense of social responsibility to face real problems. He also believes that sometimes artists need to take off the mask of beauty and bring up a higher pursuit for bravery and wisdom.  


2011 Shanghai Art Fair

2010 Created a 56 metres painting Railway Stations during the Spring Festival

2009 Solo Exhibition in M50, Shanghai

2008 Joint Exhibition Six Dumb People in Shanghai

2007 Joint Exhibiton Fable · Shanghai in Beijing

2005  Exhibited in Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition

2004  Solo Exhibition – The Theme of “The Group of Orphans Suffering from AIDS and Their Parents Selling Their Own Blood”, Song Zhuang, Beijing

2004  Exhibited in Shanghai Art Fair

2004  Exhibited in 2004 Salon in Paris, France

2004  Exhibited in ” Lovely World” – Shanghai Bund Museum

2003  Exhibited in New People & New Work Exhibition, Fujian, China

2003  Exhibited in Biennale, Shanghai Artists’ Village, Awarded with Second Prize

2002  Exhibited in Fine Art Exhibition in Fujian province

2002  Work ” Jia Yuan” Awarded with Golden prize of Culture and Art Festival in Xiamen

1999  Work ” Nan Nan” collected by Xu Beihong Memorial Hall

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