Ruth Robbins

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Eternity: Heaven or Hell, 2009 Acrylics On Canvas Panel 12"X16" © Ruth Robbins 2009
Burning Landscape, 2007 Acrylics On Cardboard 4"X4" © 2007
Jesus' Birth Suffering and Ascension, 2008 Acrylics On Paper 9"X12" © 2008
Age Strength, 2008 Acrylics On Cardboard 3.5"X5" © 2008
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Milwaukee, WI
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Greendale, WI
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landscape, modern, figurative, conceptual

Spiritual Artist, a title, or label for what I do.  I have chosen not to post a picture of myself because the art is not about me.  To say I am self-taught is a misnomer.  Rather, I am a Christian deeply in love with the Lord, and am beginning to catch a glimpse, through painting, of His love for His creation, all of it.
God loves you and He sent Jesus to die on the cross for you that you might be able to stand in His presence, clean from sin and made pure through the blood of Jesus, serving Him out of a deep love for Him.  Apart from Jesus, I have no reason to paint.  Really, painting without guidance and even an anointing from God to me would be worthless.  In a sense I am self-taught, only because I read books on mixing color and keep that at the back of my mind if a color does not seem right.  But when I look at paintings others do, I think that is not me.  The spiritual knows no limitations of time or space or style, so I cannot limit my style to the known or usual.  Instead I may or may not use two layers of black to start a painting, and may or may not follow that up with one or two layers of white followed by other colors.  When I start some other way it might just be a layer or two of one color followed by other colors or maybe I just start in with one color and add others, perhaps up to ten.  My first painting was white on gold on cardboard, but I have done two color fields, which actually started with two layers of black, then two of white, then the surface color.
When I paint, I am thinking about God, often with a worship song about longing to be in His presence running through my mind.  I read the Bible and sometimes think I have a photographic memory of some things because I read them so often, or maybe the Lord just wants to remind me of them that way.  I do not read just one translation, but have access to a number of translations and concordances, etc.  But when I paint, if any words show up when the paint dries, it is not the way I manipulated the brush that caused it to dry that way.  As far as I know, God is shining through with His love for the viewer.  In fact, one of my paintings is titled Jesus is Love for this reason.  The painting on this site called Age Strength got the title from the special way the paint dried.  And there are others that way, not all on this site.  I have also heard from several viewers that the paintings have touched them in a special way, one person reporting a warmth from one in particular--but that one is not in this site.  I may put it on at a later time.  Anyway, allow your Creator to minister to you in the way He sees fit as you look at this gallery.  Perhaps He will even persuade you to have a print of one of them.  Either way, be blessed.