Steven Lockwood

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arts-education installation landscape, studio-lofts, non-profit, gallery, cultural-center mixed-media realism performance, surrealism, modern, traditional, photography, digital, figurative, conceptual, sculpture, exhibition/performance

Steven Lockwood – Gallery Coordinator / Technology Director


Deriving his work from architectural influence, Steven Lockwood likes to organize geometric shapes in a manner reflecting blueprints in relief form on a wall. This allows him to work toward styles reminiscent of both the early 1880-1920 Art Nouveau and the late 1908-1935 Art Deco. Using metal, light, and plastic, he blends these periods' most known characteristics from their geometric and angular shapes to their graceful, elongated, curvy lines, with an industrial twist. He tends to use positive and negative space to interact with each other making a more elaborate surface structure.


Steven's appreciation for art was apparent at a young age with sketchbooks and various projects. Later on, he was able to cultivate his talent at Northern Illinois University where he received a Bachelors Degree in Art for 3D Studio, Art and Design. He was able to implement his artistic skills at Marshall Fields where he did Visual Merchandising and Window Display for four years. After graduation he wanted to make sure that he always had a studio to create in and further his artistic development.


It was his search for a studio that led him to work in creating Water Street Studios. At first, all he wanted was a studio, but after seeing the potential of what the Art Center could become, he wanted to make sure that he was involved from the ground up. Now, he is not only a co-founder of the facility, along with the rest of the Batavia Artists Association Board, but also the Gallery Director. He found another passion involving the arts through being in charge of the Water Street Studios Gallery. He and his team juries and places the artwork for gallery shows, solicits new artists to show work and implements various ideas involving the gallery to further art in the community. He finds himself lucky that where so many dream of establishing such a facility, he gets to be an integral part of it’s existence