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"Samantha II" Reflections II Collections-(Call for details), 2007-2008 Oil On Canvas/Unframed*Available For Sale 36x48*Canvas © BeyondEyeGallery,LLC
Call For Details.For Sale* © BeyondEyeGallery,LLC
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Artist Al Alcantara*(studio) is a self-taught artist whose first inspiration stemmed from his interest in Interior Designing. This fascination quickly led him to translate the splendor of these concepts and other applications through drawing. Al Alcantara has broadened his repertoire to include landscapes, still-life imagery and figures, while never abandoning the wildlife that first sparked his imagination. Throughout his imagery, one can find a certain sense of harmony. This tranquility is partly a result of his gentle brushstrokes and his talent to illustrate the play of light in both nature and man-made objects. Al’s work is adept at capturing a fleeting moment in time and seemingly transporting the viewer there. The artist’s unique style demonstrates his ability to transcend traditional parameters and to constantly challenge himself in finding new avenues of expression.

Featured by BeyondeyeGallery/International Art Group -California,Arizona,Texas,Canada and Mexico, Artist Al Alcantara created a unparalleled inventory of exclusive custom-designed Fine Art Collections;
Figurative,Marine,Floral,landscape,Equestrian,Architectural, Historical, Seasonal,canine Portraits,Nature,Old World,Tuscan, and European.
Artist Al Alcantara reflect his clients lifestyles, passions, and personal taste.
Spaciousness,warmth, tranquillity,personal character and a subtle richness are hallmarks of his Fine Art interior design-projects.

Recognized Artist Al Alcantara* is practiced in a variety of mediums in the traditional fine arts that include oils, acrylics, and watercolors.Whether he is capturing an autumn stroll through the park, a sunlit afternoon in an English country garden or a group of couples enjoying a ballroom dance in the 1920s, Al’s work always tells a charming story. The drama of each piece suggests a dauntless yet subtle hand behind the curtain, much like the demeanor of Al's himself – both confident and refined.

He is constantly striving to capture the “immediacy of place” and keep it at the center of his work. All essential elements seem to intermingle effortlessly to craft a composition of visual harmony, a unity rather than a mere array of single expressions. Light, color, form and texture are carefully joined to impart a sense of space and atmosphere. Whether it be a rendering of a charming Tuscan landscape, an enchanting sunrise over Portofino or a leisurely afternoon in the garden, Al’s interpretations evoke beauty in a way that touches something basic and elemental in our lives.

Al Styles are reinventing the old to fashion something new and distinctive. These elements of erosion and change are always resident in Al's work. Whether he is rendering wonderfully worn fragments of Greek or Roman architecture, the quietude of a Tuscan vineyard or an elegant room setting, Al’s delicate hand calls to mind a classic quality in life. Thoughtful gradations of texture and color between the canvas and the surface fuse to cultivate a refined age to each piece. The subtle nuances of timeless imagery, poised tone and composed surface quality make for an overall impact of classical beauty with a distinctively modernized touch as Al Alcantara  continues to reinvent.


Al Alcantara* provides the very finest in original paintings and hand-Crafted Accents to:

Home-owners, collectors,dealers,decorators,art galleries, high-end furniture stores and interior designers nationwide. Each piece reflects a level of originality and quality that is only available through the one-on-one....

Al Alcantara* caters to discerning customers who appreciate and value the qualities available only through original artworks. The designers work with their clientele to provide images specifically tailored to fulfill the client’s specific needs regarding each circumstance and environment.
There are some who simply will not tolerate mediocrity. When distinction and excellence are required Artist Al Alcantara* welcomes the creative challenge.


 Artist Al Alcantara* work has evolved into a unique,different,distinct, engaging style which has whetted the appetite of many
sophisticated home-owners, interior designers, collectors and galleries. His popular handling of the oil medium may be characterized by softness with energetic strokes of the palette knife spontaneously applied with a wash of  colors almost touchable with your eyes, like a "silk" effect..


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