Benjamin Bellas

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Still Here, 2010 One Mug Of Coffee And One Mug Of Tea, Brewed And Placed Side By Side In The Gallery Daily. Variable © Benjamin Bellas and Clinton King 2010
The sounds of sprinklers and chainsaws all summer long all summer I suppose wealth is what we make it and we make it unemployed for a summer or so I simply cannot remember how we forgot about the effects of afternoon sunlight and flittering grass in the, 2010 1939 Proof Jefferson Nickel Valued At $160 Used To Purchase A Can Of Soda, Left In Machine To Be Returned As Change Upon Subsequent Purchases. © Benjamin Bellas 2010
everything you can't see will still be explained by something you won't fully understand, 2010 Push Pin Holding Note Paper With Imprinted Text To The Wall Via Magnetic Force. © Benjamin Bellas 2010
it's that aroma the fragrance of eastern forests it settles in your bones straight into the marrow so that you pass it on to your children I've been taught that the affinity for atoms to achieve stability by gaining or losing valence electrons provides , 2010 Log Of Three Fused Tree Trunks With A 1 Carat Ruby Embedded In The Growth Ring Corresponding To Son's Birth Year. © Benjamin Bellas 2010
I can't sleep. what I want is to talk to you while you're sleeping... but I don't want to wake you so I send emails to you in your sleep because I can't very well talk to you while you're asleep, and it probably wouldn't be all that different than the, 2010 Laptop Programmed To Sleep And Wake Self At Various Intervals, And On Occasion Wake The Adjacent Laptop So As That They May Go To Sleep Simultaneously. © Benjamin Bellas 2010
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mixed-media, installation, video-art, performance, photography, conceptual, sculpture, exhibition/performance
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