Abigail Reynolds

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Post Office Tower 1989/1999, 2009 Cut And Folded Vintage Bookplates © Abigail Reynolds
Detail from Visitors , 2010 Vintage Bookplate © Courtesy of the artist & SEVENTEEN
Centrepoint, 2008 Cut And Tiled Vintage Book Plates 10 X 7 Inches © Courtesy of the artist and Seventeen Gallery
Centrepoint, 2008 Detail © Courtesy of the artist and Seventeen Gallery
The Universal Now: Downing Street 1979 / 1985, 2010 Cut And Folded Vintage Bookplates 10.38 X 13.5 In © The artist and AMBACH & RICE
© Courtesy of the Artist and SEVENTEEN
The co-ordinates of 'flame'(flame-flagrant-flamboyant-flamenco-flamingo), 2006 Kenyan Carved Wooden Animals, Wire, Beads, O.E.D. Volumes V 'Davandva Follis' To Xx 30cm X 30cm X 30cm On Books 87cm Height © Abigail Reynolds
ShapeShift; landscape in motion An Arts Council Collaboration With Scientists In Dorset To Make A Sculpture Reflecting On The Geology Of The Jurassic Coast A World Heritage Site May Aug 2007 © Abigail Reynolds
NEVERODDOREVEN Playing Cards © Abigail Reynolds
Grand Mutator (Base 3 bag variants 1-14) (2006) installed at Villa Arson in 'Jardin d'Acclimitation' , 2008-9 © Abigail Reynolds
Great Court, 2008 Cut And Tiled Book Plates 28 X 23 Cm © Abigail Reynolds
Transposed Nymphenburg Beauties, 2010 Cut Book Plate 32.5 X 43cm © Abigail Reynolds
Transposed Hall of Mirrors, 2011 Cut Book Plate 15.5 X 18cm © Abigail Reynolds
The Great Stair, 2009 Cut And Tiled Book Plates 37.5 X 36.5 Cm © Abigail Reynolds
MOUNT FEAR Statistics for Sex Crimes Eindhoven 1998 and 2003, 2004 Scale: 1:3,300 (1cm:33m) Relief: 1:2 (1 Cm Represents 2 Offences Per Km2) © Abigail Reynolds
Magic Mountain, 2011 Glass, Book Pages, Books 47.5 X 23 X 9 In © The Artist & AMBACH & RICE
Black Smoker, 2015 © Courtesy of the Artist and Rokeby
The Mother's Bones © Courtesy of the Artist and Royal College of Art
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Lives in
London and Cornwall
Works in
London and Cornwall
Representing galleries
Seventeen Gallery



  2000-2002 Goldsmiths College, London MA Fine Art
  1997-2000 Chelsea College of Art, London BA Fine Art
  1990-1994 St Catherine's College, Oxford University, BA Hons. English Literature

Exhibitions & Projects:

Solo exhibitions:

2010 Collider, Ambach and Rice, Seattle
2010 Moun
t Fear, Trade Gallery Nottingham

2010 Strange Attractor Seventeen Gallery, London
2009 The Universal Now, Seventeen, London (cat.)
2007 ShapeShift: landscape in motion Durlston castle, Dorset (cat.) 
The Frozen Sea Firstsite at the Minories, Colchester
2004 Mount Fear, Mu, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Group exhibitions:

2011    A Dialogue on Landscape, Salisbury Arts Centre
At The Edge of Logic, Plataforma Revolva, Lisbon

2010    Creative Destruction, Kunstagenten, Berlin
            Agitprop!, Project Space 11 Plymouth
            Heraldry, YH485 Great Yarmouth
            Altered Appropriations, Guggenheim Gallery Chapman University, USA
            Architectural Fictions, South Hill Park Bracknell, Globe Gallery Newcastle
            Second Hand, IMO Copenhagen
            It’s only a Paper Moon, Voges Gallery, Frankfurt

            Spasticus Artisticus, Ceri Hand Jan

2009     The Map is not the Territory, England and Co
             Hollywood Wonderland, Seventeen Gallery
             Concerning Matter, Collyer Bristow Gallery London, 
      Unfold, Nettie Horn London,
      Pattern Recognition Leicester City Gallery

2008     In The Beginning, Plan 9, Bristol
      Jardin d’acclimation, Villa Arson, Nice
      Embedded Gimpel Fils
      Tatton Park Biennial, Parabola
      ArtintheLifeWorld, Breaking Ground, Ballymun, Dublin

2007     From a Distance Wallspace New York (curated by Vincent Honore)
             The Islanders Nettie Horn London
      NEVERODDOREVEN Serpentine Gallery
      Behemoth Danielle Arnaud London

2006      Day to Day Data Danielle Arnaud London (cat.)
       Conversing Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts London
       The Sneeze (*pub Article press)

2005     The Information London Gallery West
      Day to Day Data Angel Row Nottingham, Aspex Portsmouth (cat.)
      Offside Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane, Dublin (cat.)
      State of Mind LSE London
             After the Fact Tullie House, Carlisle (cat.)
             (with Thomas Demand, Matt O’Dell, Emma Kay, Lucy Harrison, and Jamie Shovlin)

             The Dictionary Ranges OED Oxford, solo show,
             City Breaks Muu Helsinki and Whitechapel Project Space London,

2004     Mind The Gap La Friche de Bel Mai, Marseilles, France.
             (with Bernd Behr, Jessica Broas, Matt Franks, Clare Gasson,
Alicia Paz, Mark Pearson, Gail Pickering, Lindsay Seers)
    – web work at the ICA

      Tempered Ground, Museum of Garden History, London

             The Oxford Show, Modern Art Oxford
             The British Council at the Bologna Art Fair, January

              (with Paul Winstanley, Gary Stevens, Nils Norman, Cornford & Cross, Zineb Sedira, Ori Gersht, Nathan Coley, Carey Young)

2003     New Contemporaries, Manchester and London (cat.)
             Infomatic A-priori, London
             Prospects Drawing Prize Truman Space, London
             The Budget Bureau, K3, Zurich (cat.)
             Geography and the Politics of Mobility Generali Foundation, Vienna, Austria

2002     Telling Tales Peri in Turku + MUU in Helsinki, Finland
             Fall Show Mercer Union, Toronto
             Blow up your TV York City Art Gallery
             Goldsmiths MA Show. Goldsmiths College, London (cat.)
             Drive for Show, Putt for Dough Standpoint Gallery, London
             Contemplation Room Overgaden, Copenhagen
             Artscatalyst research residency, Makrolab, Scottish Highlands (cat.)
             PlaySpring Dreamoperator at Public Life, London

2001     Global Economy Centre d'Art Contemporain de Basse-Normandie (cat.)
             Incorporate 4 Arts & Business, London
             "...and then we take berlin" City Hall, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (cat.)
             East of Eden Spacex gallery, Exeter
             In the Event of Emergency Dilston Grove, Southwark Park, London

2000     Night Sites Grizedale Forest, Cumbria
             Braziers International Artists Workshop, Oxfordshire (cat.)