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In Love, 2012 Digital Archival Print 27x36" © © 2012 Oliver Klink
Holding Hands, 2008 Archival Print 13x19 © Oliver Klink 2008
Perfect Sunrise, August 2009 Digital Archival Print 32 X 40 © Oliver Klink
Bear Habitat I, August 2009 Digital Archival Print 32x40 © Oliver Klink
Fog in the Trees, September 2009 Digital Archival Print 40 X 25 © Oliver Klink
Moonrise, September 2009 Digital Archival Print 32x40 © Oliver Klink
Photography Extravaganza, 1/16/2010 Digital Archival Print 30x40 © Oliver Klink
Owl, 2010 Color Print © © Oliver Klink
Alaska Wilderness, August, 2009 Digital 40x20 © Oliver Klink
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One Earth • One People (Nov 20 - January 16, 2010)

The title truly reflects what I experience during my photoshoots – Being one with nature, sometimes very deep in the woods, others closer to civilization – My heart pounding with excitement or fear – And most of the time surrounded by no human beings.

One Earth • One People is about the sense of place – Its beauty – Its feelings – The spirit of the location. My intent is to show what’s happening in this environment – Show details – Tell a story - And hope that my images get you closer to One Earth • One People.

My collection of images was photographed in Alaska - A magical place full of surprises. I have traveled to the same locations for years and never captured or saw the mystique of the light twice the same. In a blink of the eyes, the scene is transformed – Nature is displaying a new facet – Wildlife has moved on – Intimate moments passed. But after each click, there is excitement and hope of accomplishment of my intent – Exploration – Investigation with a purpose of bringing an image back.

And there are these serendipitous moments, like The Grizzly Bears at Sunrise, The Caribou in Foliage, where everything comes together. These are the moments, where nature “makes an image” for you – Where your spirit is in awe – And you feel that emotional connection.

I hope that One Earth • One People will let you immerse yourself in these magical moments.

PhotoCentral Gallery - - November 20 - January 16, 2010

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