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" You've won ..when the room explodes in a Volcano of feeling You've won ! ', 2009 Oil, Chocolate, Ink, Rubber, Netting. On Canvas 31" X 53 "
" Planet Come ", 2008 Iink, Cut/Torn Paper, Oil On Paper .......... " And I Was Splayed A Lazy Susan Spinning Silver ..Petals Falling And Then A Dust Funnel And We Were Just Cowboys Riding Horses Two Cowboys Riding Our Ponies Back To The Barn." 34" X 46 "
" shoeboo ", 2009 Crayon And Pencil On Paper 11" X 14 '
" drum set-go ", 2008 Crayon, Pencil, Ink On Paper
Mz D'Costruction, 2011 Digital Variable Can Be Printed In Many Sizes
Treescape, 2012 Digital Variable Can Be Printed In Many Sizes
ManDom, 2012 Digital Variable Can Be Printed In Many Sizes
Benificence, 2011 Digital Variable Can Be Printed In Many Sizes
Clairlebrity, 2013 Digital Variable Can Be Printed In Many Sizes
wholyHymn, 2012 Digital Variable Can Be Printed In Many Sizes
satiety, 2013 Digtal Variable Can Be Printed In Many Sizes
Down Here ( detail ), 2010 Collage Painting 24' X 18' Detail 10' X 8'
DoOver, 20110 Oil,Crayon,Ink,Crushed Berries On Canvas 18" X24 " Detail Of 4864" X 58"
' I have Been Circli' God... ", 2009 Cut Paper, Crayon, Onk, Oil, Metal,On Paper (Detail) 18” X 12 “ Overall 36”X52”
Planet Come, 20110 Cut Paper, Ink, Pencil, Oil On Paper 8" X 10 Detail Overall Piece 48 'X 36 "
" son of a nobody ", 2011 Oil, Melted Glue,Crushed Berries , Ink, Pencil. Wax, On Paper “ Seekers Of Fame More Base Than Able Have Lent The Earth The Face Of Hell. A Hundred Times Blood Wets The Earth As Detail 33 “ X 42 ” Overall 38 ”X 86”
Quick Facts
mixed-media, video-art, performance, surrealism, graffiti/street-art, conceptual, exhibition/performance

             “FROM THE WOMAN WHO WAS BORN WITH ASSEMBLAGE                                             OF PENCILS FOR   HANDS “                                                  

I create inter-disciplanary work with words, my body, ink, oil, and photos, a lifetime torn and layered into text, my own, or the gift of random lines that continue to haunt and inspire. 

Striving towards an insight into space and being that doesn’t line up with the shorthand of everyday vision I aim to create images that transcend explanation, a moment of seeing where the intangible becomes palpable, visually to take the viewer with me off the grid before what we perceive as real solidifies into the concrete.

Playimg with a line defying geometry, an insight into space that doesn’t line up with the shorthand of everyday vision, I aspire to have my recurring images whether composed visually or from collaged text of horses, boots, musical instruments, most importantly faces and women’s bodies zoom past the representational into the realm of poetic realism.

Two Japanese aesthetic principles guide me. Wabi Sabi come to intuitively as I have always found beauty in imperfection. And Clinamen realized in the doing over time as I discovered how to deliberately break a stylistic rule to enhance the beauty of an otherwise  “perfect” whole

Below : My Process - First some TRI-X film I shot , then a rehearsal with Eve Larouche Jobert

Finally me in dress for performance of "Heart on Fire"  at Gallery One Soho NYC


I discovered SKETCH MESSAGE on my cell phone several years ago and  have since learned to control and manipulate its imagery, finding an expansive new medium in this most “low-tech” of digital technology with which to draw and play with the miracle of light, shape, distance and change.

Strolling the waterways and plazas alongside and under bridges of my favorite Brooklyn neighborhoods, Gowanus, Dumbo and Red Hook, I have been recording the ever evolving cityscape, observing its cycle of construction and deconstruction while creating a growing body of Sketch Message portraits, which I believe resonated a soulful truth through an unexpected electronic filter.

These images meshed to become the foundation of an imagined open ended web-based novella  “URBAN TOPIARY” that is in progress.                                                                                      

Below a link to its prologue "MANIFESTO"

An explanation of PLAY THE  PANORAMA  for which I have been selected as one of eight artists worldwide follows : 

To See The Sky” workshop Dixon Place Institute Prophetic Activist Art Jan. 2016         “Drowning in a Cocktail Glass” - Amanda Palmer video performed April 2016 “Movement Research 2016 Gala - performance honoring Anita Durst & Nicky Paraiso  


  • Impossible Exchange - Frieze Art Fair, London October 2009.
  • 2TAKES     -  42nd St chashama Black Box Theater   collage/performance Oct 2009
  • PLAY THE PANORAMA  2009.  Ronald Huynen Curator - One of eight artists selected worldwide to participate in drawing relay.
  • FAX - a global art fax project The Drawing Center New York, 2009
  • Benefit for Nicole, a postcard show, 2009 Priska Juschka Fine Art, New York
  • ArtWalk 2008 Brooklyn , NY July 2008
  • Incongruities 2.0 – Ashawagh Hall East Hampton, NY July 2008
  • Private Viewing – Sunday Afternoon Series. Brooklyn Heights –Nov 2007
  • Letters to Joan Emergency Arts - solo - collage – NYC - April 2007
  • Recent Works  Emergency Arts - group show - NYC- November 2006
  • 2006 Square Foot Show - Art Gotham NYC - March 2007
  • Incongruities Ashawagh Hall - East Hampton, NY. - March 2006
  • Cryptopsychographies Tin Garage - Tarrytown, NYC - December 2005

Traveling the globe Ms. Enz exhibited in Corfu, Paris and Tel-Aviv as well as stateside at Hofstra University, East Hampton, North Shore Arts and NOW in NYC. Due to the toxicity of materials and the proximity of her newborn daughter she worked to become a performance artist, filmmaker, and playwright. After winning a second Edward F. Albee Fellowship for writing which included a residency at The Barn in Montauk, she began with Mr. Albee’s encouragement to incorporate her own text into large collage which she now uses as a backdrop for performance work. They also stand alone as works of art .



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