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" American Made, American Flag Bhurka" series, 2009 Performance Photography © Belaxis Buil
Red Box and missing line, 2008 Photography/ Conceptual Performance Art/Installation/ Sculpture © Belaxis Buil
"Red Box" ( I am the missing red line) Series, 2009 Performance Photography © Belaxis Buil
"Red Box" ( I am the missing red line) Series, 2009 Performance Photography © Belaxis Buil
"Red Box" ( I am the missing red line) Series, 2009 Performance Photography © Belaxis Buil
"Red Box" ( American Apparel) Series, 2009 Performance Photography © Belaxis Buil
"Red Box" ( My American Apparel Dress) Series, 2009 Performance Photography © Belaxis Buil
"Red Box" ( My American Apparel Dress) Series, 2009 Performance Photography © Belaxis Buil
P.I.G. ( pretty intelligent girl), 2010 Performance Photography © Belaxis Buil
" Boxing Myself" series, 2009 Performance Photography Video © Belaxis Buil
" Its always just a matter of time" series, 2009 Photography=Mixed Media © Belaxis Buil and the T.V.
Get it while its Hott, 2010 Photography, Performance, Photoshop © Belaxis Buil/ Album cover
" Perra & Bitch" series
" Perra & Bitch" series, 2009 Performance Photography © Belaxis Buil
Out of the Ring of Fire, 2007 Drawing, Collage, Painting 16x24
Lake of Fire ( You don't do unto others what you don't want done to you, 2007 Drawing, Collage, Painting 16x24 © Belaxis Buil
" When we cry, we weep, on our sweet sixteen" , 2008 Photography, Photoshop © Belaxis Buil
Centerfold, Centerpiece, 2008 Photography, Performance © Belaxis Buil
Its better not to look at temptation, 2011 Photography, Performance, Photoshop 16 X 24 And Up © Belaxis Buil
Quick Facts
body art installation, choreography, Guerilla Art, movement, collage, paper mixed-media video-art, landscape, performance, surrealism, modern, photography, digital, graffiti/street-art, conceptual, sculpture, exhibition/performance


2011  October Wynwood Art FAir " Art with Heart" Performance & Street Art Exhibit/ Marguilles Collection, Moca, De La Cruz/ Benefiting Lotus House/ Wynwood

2011 Art Shanghai /CVAP/ Milagros Bello Curator/ Fall

2011 Art Shanghai Latin Artists Pavillion/ Curated Contemporary Art Space/ Alvaro Cirillo Curator/ Shanghai, China/ Fall

2011 " A new beginning" Performance-Noise Collaboration ( Out of the Anonymous)/ Bardots/ Wynwood

2011 Art Shanghai Latin Artists Pavillion/ Curated Contemporary Art Space/ Alvaro Cirillo Curator/ Shanghai, China/ SPRING

2011 "Self Portrait" Shaun El C.Leandro Performance-Collaboration/ Praxis International/ Wynwood

2011 Closing Exhibit "Toys Art Us"/ CVAP/ Wynwood/ Milagros Bello Curator

2011 "Nuclear UNfair"/ Art Tacheles Institution/ Berlin, Germany

2011 "Red Light"/ 1310 Gallery/ Sculpture-Instalation-Live Performance

2010 Vanessa Beecroft Performance Installation ( Performer)/ Standard Hotel Pool/ Art BAsel

2010 " Toys Art Us" Group Exhibit/ CVAP/ Milagros Bello/ Art BAsel

2010 International Ballet Festival " Radical Aftermath"/Multi-Media Insatllation, Performance Art & Dance/ Colony Theatre

2010 " Girls Club" Online/ Frances Bishop Good & David Horvitz/ Private Collection

2010 "Deceptive Eye"/ Curator's Art Voice Projects/Curator Milagros Bello P.H.D./ Wynwood

2010 Art Shanghai/ LAP/ 2nd Series Exhibit/ "Perra & Bitch/ Curator Milagros Bello P.H.D.

2010  Art Shanghai, Bienalle, " Perra & Bitch"/ LIVE-FEED PERFORMANCE-Miami/ Latin Art Pavillion/ Curator Millagros Bello, P.h.D.

2010 " Instruments of Torture",Performance/Sound/Sculpture/Installation/Choreography Freedom Tower/ Amnesty International/Miami Dade Gallery System

2009 Art Basel Miami Beach Cinematheque "Parts of a Room"/ Lars Von Trier & Alex Nahon Screening

2009  Art Basel " The Lead and the Leader" /Guerilla Performance-Multi Media Installation/ The Lead Newspaper

2009 MOCA Museum & Museo Vault/ " Inside Box, outside Microphone" Live-Performance/Installation

2009 " Independent Thinkers" Silent Auction/ Photography " Boxing" Series/ Art BAsel/ Miami Art Space

2009 Art Slant  " Art Show"/Juried Exhibit- Online/ Contemporary Art/ Germany

2009 "Personally Political " A Contemporary Sensation/ The Art TAcheles, Berlin, Mitte/ May 29th-June19th

2009  St. Thomas University/ Collection-Exhibit/Art Coordinator Alina Philips

2009 The Art Tacheles/ Berlin, Mitte/ “ Personally Political” A Contemporary Sensation /May 29th, 2009-June 19th, 2009

2009 MOCA Museum/ “Conventions” Exhibits/ Xavier Cha/ Choreography/Dance/ Summer Residency

2009 Private Exhibit-Performance " Sexually Political Dicktatorship" Multi-Media-Conceptual / AeroBar/ BROOKE HOGAN"S BIRTHDY PARTY

2009 Arte Americas/ Millagro Bello Curator/ Live perfromance & Exhibit

2009 New World School of the Arts/ Womens month in Art & History / Collaborative Site Specific

2009 Miami BeachCinematheque/  " Sexually Political Dicktatorship" Multi-Media-Conceptual Live Performance/ Cine-KInk/ Richard Kern

2008 Art Basel Miami Beach Cinematheque/Multimedia-Live Performance

2008 Art Basel / Daniel Azolouy Gallery / Midtown 4, Wynwood /Curator Natascha Nesic

2008 Art Basel/ Nobu 67/ Deauville/ Curator Millagro Bello

2008 Belaxis Buil & Octavio Campos/ Conceptual- Performance/ Soho Studios/ Miami New Times " Unzipped"

2008 Belaxis Von FemeNazis/ Dance Performance Art Troupe/ Dream

2008 Miami New Times "UNZIPPED"/ Live Durational Performance Piece/ Collaboration with Octavio Campos

2008 Art Rouge/ Design District/ Curator  Milcho/Video-Photography

2008 Miami's Unofficial 112 Bday/ Camposition/ Ralph De La Portilla/Live Performance-Video Installation

2008 Miami's Unofficial B-day/ Collaboration Performance/ Clarence Reid-Blowfly

2008 On Going Residency Dream/Miami Beach/Live Performance/Installation 

2008 FemeNazi/ Black Mangrove & La Cueva/ live Performance Art

2008 " Stripped ' Circ X Collaboration/MLP/ Video, Photography, Performance Art, Choreography

2007 Art Miami/Art Basel/ Quint Gallery Collaboration/ Durational Performance

2007 Art Basel/ La Casita Gallery/ Live Performance/ Curator Douglas Voisin

2007-08 Art Basel /Colony Theatre /Dance/Performance/Video /The 4th Door

2007-08 Art Basel / Gallery/ Exhiibit / the 4th Door

2007 “ Fate and Fotune” Soho Studios/Wynwood/Gallery walk
Curated by Alisa Pitchenik Live Dance/Perfromance/installation/ Photo Series “Arise out of a night of pure ecstasy” Gorilla performance/Hollywood Police Dept.

2007 “ Earth” Dance’Performance /NWSA /Commissioned / Susan Banks/ Installation

2007 “Rising Stars” NWSA /New World Gallery /Curated by Bonnie Clearwater

2007 “ Fear.Fate.Fame” Freedom Tower B.F.A. Exhibition/ Live-Performance/ Sculpture Installation/Curated by Maggy Cuesta and Fredric Snitzer

2007 “ Tourist Trap” Street Performance/New York/

2007 “Perra” Music Video/ Performance/ MTV/ Directed by Veronica Milchorena

2006 Art Basel “ I. God” Sculpture/Fashion Moore Space/Store / “ Twilight Town” Sean Dack opening

2006 Art Basel “ Dream Museum” Live-Performance/ Installation/ Twilo / Bob Risse/ Octavio Campos/ Camposition

2006 Art Basel “ King of Hearts” / Colony Theatre Dance/Performance/Video Installation/ Orazio Giurdanella/  Carolina Sardi

2006 Art Basel “ Passages” New World Gallery Curated by Maggie Cuesta Juried Exhibition

2006 Art Basel “ Photo Miami”/ New World Gallery / Curator Alisa Pitchenik

2006 “The Grass is Always Greener…” Miami Contemporary Dance Company/ Garage Door Series/ Ray Sullivan
Miami Cotemporary Company Studios, Miami Beach

Directed by Collen Farnum and Fara Greenbaum
Choreography by Belaxis Buil,  Fara Greenbaum, Colleen Farnum and Ana Mendez

2006 “ Ten Days” Hardcore Art Contemporary Gallery/Design District
Installation/ Veronica “Milcho” Rena/  collaboration

2006 “ 2012” Dot 51 Gallery, Design District
Performance/Video Installation “Hare” Directed/ Choreographed/Performed
Curator: Stephanie Garcia / ArtMob

2006 “Rising Stars” New World Gallery, Downtown Miami
Choreographed Performances/Photography “ Peek-a-boo” & “ Monkey Business” Painting” Remnants of his Seed”

2005 “ Visages” Art Basel  Laurie Design Gallery, Design District
Dance/Performance Video “ A Trip to the Light Fantastic” Directed by Alisa Pitchenik And Sculpture Installation “ Jesus y la Multitude” by Belaxis
Curator Maggie Cuesta

2005 “ Voices” Art Basel New World Gallery, Downtown Miami
“Jesús y la Multitud” Series
Curator Maggie Cuesta

2005 “ Running from the Sun” Live Street Dance/Performances
Lincoln Road/ Convention Center, Miami Beach
Directed/ Choreographed /Fashion- Belaxis and Performed by the “Hellelektrik Dance Co.”

2004 Art Basel “Finesse and Runway” Live Performance Miami
Original Music by Dino Fellipe and Melba “Toast” Crackers and
Choreography/ Dance Performance Fashion by Belaxis

2004 Art Basel Official Street Party Live Performance “Finesse and
Runway” Original Music by Dino Fellipe and Melba “Toast” Crakers
Choreography/ Performance/Fashion by Belaxis

2004 “Obituary” The House Art Gallery Design District “This was not a
Happy Home” Photo/Drawing Installation Curators Bhakti Baxter and Tao

2003 Art Basel “Mona Lisa Live” The Rubell Collection Wynwood
Artist Jean-Pierre Khazeem, Curator Claire Bruekel and Live
Performance by Belaxis

2003 “In Life” Vulcan’s Gallery Wynwood “The Devil Made Me Do It”
Choreographed/Directed /Fashion/ Sculpture-Installation Work by
Live Performances by Jenna Balfe, Belaxis Buil, JV, Vanessa Paie and
Yarlen Von Shirach

2003 “Coexistence” International Art Exhibit Initiated by Museum on the
Seam, Jerusalem Presented By Dade Community Foundation Miami
Fellow Initiative and Miami Dade College Performed by Wolfson Dancers
Directed by Diane Brownholtz

2003 Art Basel “Manifest Destiny “Madonna Gallery Design District
Sculptures “Eek” and “Err” Curator Anant Egbi

2003 “Frenzy” That Place Gallery Wynwood Photo/Paintings
Curators Alisa Pitchenik and Jordan Massengate

Other Exhibitions and Dance Performances:

2003 “ Operations 2 “ Vulcan’s Gallery Curators Clutch and Sol, 2002 “ Self-Portrait” Brickell Village Gallery Group Show, Art Expo Miami 2002Curator Aramis O’Reilly, 2002 Miami Light Project Presents “ Plastered Techno Ballerina Choreography and Fashion By Karelle Levy of Krelwear, 2002 Women’s History Month Invited for a Live Presentation and Demo, 2001 “ Art Loves Miami” Collage/Photography Presented by Green Door Gallery, New World Gallery, Wallflower Gallery and the Miami Art Museum, 2001 “ Fiddy Bean” Objex Art Space Curator Dustin Orlando, 2001 “ Playtime” Live Performances /Beyssa Buil, 2001 “ Beatles Tribute” By Translucent Productions and the TM Sisters, 1998 “ Private Show” Julio Blanco Gallery 

Watch Video: theLead: LeadandLeader



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W Magazine/ Modern Family, Rubell Family Collection/ Mona Lisa-Jean-Pierre Khazeem/ Performance Belaxis Buil/Art Basel 

Commissioned Works:

2006 Body Cast-Resin sculpture for Installation at “Hardcore Art space’ Commissioned by Artist Veronica Milchorena

2003 Mural Painting Kama Sutra Night Club Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

2004 Mural Painting g-Spot Night Club Miami Beach, Fla.

2005-2007 Miami Dade College Dance Dept./ Wolfson Dancers/ Costumes & Wardrobe


Florida Pell Grant Award, NWSA Scholarship, MDC Fine Arts Award Dance, MDC Fine Arts Award Photography, Douglas Turner Award, U.F. Grant

Miami Dade College Choreographers Grant Recipient 2009
Coral Reef Art Magnet High School Chorographers Grant Recipient 2009

NWSA Artist Grant Recipient/ Womens’ History Month/ Site Specific Choreography-Performance/ Colloboration Artist Susan Banks