Marcella Hayes Muhammad

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Musical Ties Oil On Canvas 30" X40"
Nitty Gritty Oil On Canvas 30" X40"
From Songhai to Symphony Hall Oil On Canvas 30" X40"
Sound of Soul Percussion, 24" x30" Oil On Canvas
Sound of Soul Strings Oil On Canvas 24" X30"
ASHE Oil On Canvas 24"X 30"
Earth Song Oil On Canvas 30" X40"
Bombastic Oil On Canvas 30" X40"
Jazz in the Shadows for Cello Oil On Canvas 30" X40"
Kalimba Beat Oil On Canvas 24"X 30"
Celebrate Good Times Oil On Canvas 24" X30"
Olmec Warrior Chant Oil On Canvas 30" X40"
French Horn Squared Oil On Canvas 24" X30"
Artistic Creations Oil On Canvas 30" X40"
Ashe II Oil On Canvas 24" X30"
Harmony Oil On Canvas 24" X30"
Maruvian Musical Kaleidoscope Oil On Canvas 24"X 30"
Quick Facts
Works in
Decatur, Georgia
California State University (San Bernardino), 1974, BFA with honors
Representing galleries
Alabama State University Gallery, Birmingham Civil rights Institute gallery, ZuCot Gallery, Scarborough Art Gallery
African American, plastic space, Black Art, mixed-media, landscape, modern, figurative
Biography M. H. Muhammad

Marcella Hayes Muhammad is an award winning fine artist, recognized for her bright vivid color palett. Also for her signature style of Plastic Space abstraction, and popular licensed art series of “Ladies With Hats.”  Marcella uses realism, still life, abstraction, impressionism, and her own style of abstraction named Plastic Space to convey her message.  

Marcella was born in Tuskegee, Alabama, daughter of a Lieutenant in the Army Air Corps who was a Navigational Instructor to the Tuskegee Airmen and career Air Force officer. Because of her father, she considers herself fortunate to have lived in Japan, France, Germany and many parts of the United States. She had the rare opportunity to grow up learning about and experiencing other cultures and people. Marcella became more aware of culture and its importance by listening to her father and other original Tuskegee Airmen talk about their struggles and triumphs. They instilled in her a pride of her own culture and the need to “always put your best foot forward”. 

Marcella also credits her mother, who was a graduate with honors from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1942 when Blacks were discouraged from even enrolling (she was asked not to attend the graduation ceremonies to save them embarassment). She was instrumental for shaping Marcella’s views to respect other cultures, people and artistic expression. Her mother took Marcella, her brother and sister to every art museum and gallery in every country and city they visited. With her Mothers background in art and her supervision; Marcella got an education that few have had the opportunity to experience. A trip to the Picasso Museum in Paris, France in 1957 was a defining moment for Marcella. It was here that she learned Pablo Picasso had many styles from realism to cubism and that it was natural for an artist to have many styles of exploration. 

Her formal training and extensive experience has given her an extraordinary range of style and media few artists possess.   She is active in local art organizations, participating in many art conferences where she has served as a guest-speaker, participated on artist panels, demonstrator, and conducted master-classes and workshops.  Marcella has recently had two of her books published. The first titled A Quilt of Dreams a fictional novel of the supernatural; and the second is a short biographical with a collection of her signature style of Plastic Space paintings in vivid color titled A Journey Through Plastic Space. Both books are available on