Jenny E. Balisle

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JBD.7.11.11314 Pen and Ink on Paper 13 X 14 Inches © 2011
JBD.12.7.12737 Pen and Ink on Paper 27 X 37 Inches © 2011
JBD.7.11.577 Pen and Ink on Paper 7 X 7 Inches
JBD.10.8.42047 Pen and Ink on Paper 20 X 47 Inches
JBD.3.6.446 Pen 4 X 6 Inches
JBI.12.11.1585 Acrylic Installation 5 X 8 X 5 Inches © 2011
JBI.12.11.114146 a 14 X 14 X 6 Inches © 2011
JBI.12.11.1663 Acrylic Installation 6 X 6 X 3 Inches © 2011
JBI.12.11.119472 45 Piece Acrylic Installation 19 X 47 X 2 Inches © 2011
JBI.5.13.1375140, 2013 Acrylic Installation 37x51x40 Inches
JBP.10.13.6100H Layers of Oil Paint and Mediums on Panel 60x84 Inches © 2013
JBP.2.11.332252V Layers of Oil Paint, Mediums on Wood Panel 22 X 52 Inches © 2011
JBP.2.11.83060 Layers of Oil Paint, Mediums on Wood Panel 30 X 60 Inches © 2011
Quick Facts
University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point, BA
Academy of Art College, MFA
Representing galleries
Pen and Ink, female, acrylic installation, mimimalism, abstract, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, modern
Current Exhibitions and Events
Sep, 2016
Social Justice: It Happens to One, It Happens to All
St. Mary's College Museum of Art
Biography and Artist Statement


Jenny E. Balisle earned a B.A. in Art and Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and a M.F.A. from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco.  She has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows including the de Young Museum Artist-in-Residence, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, Triton Museum, Art Museum of Los Gatos, Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs at LA International Airport, Museu Brasileiro Sao Paulo, Farmington Museum, Gallery 555 of the Oakland Museum of California, Torrance Art Museum, Chicago Cultural Center, Korean Cultural Center, Harvard University, and Fresno Art Museum.

Her work has been featured in such publications as NONPROFIT QUATERLY, The Drum Literary Magazine, The Renascent Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Sculptural Pursuits Magazine, and ZYZZYVA journal.  She was also commissioned for the original Hearts in San Francisco public art and South San Francisco Utility Box Mural Project.

Balisle currently works as an artist, curator, advocate, writer, lecturer, and M.F.A. instructor at the Academy of Art University.  Locally, she serves on the Public Art Advisory Committee and as a Richmond Arts & Culture Commissioner.


Artist Statement:

Investigating various disciplines, my art practice incorporates drawings, acrylic installations, paintings, video and audio recordings.  The work researches dichotomous relationships such as the simple and complex, beautiful and grotesque, micro and macro perspectives, and natural and manmade environments.  My goal is to discover connections and patterns through art.

This interest in opposing forces correlates to my process.  Working ambidextrously, my right hand creates obsessive and intentional marks while my left is open and lyrical.  Sensitive to colors and sounds, art translates this experience when words become inadequate.

These discrete mediums showcase my findings while exploring the unique properties of materials.  Artworks can be labor intensive to immediate, private or public, and vary in scale from small to large.  Inspiration, investigation, sketching, documenting, recordings, and writings dictate the final form.  Using a thesis like approach as my foundation, I create a visual language by analyzing and altering line.