Karen LeCocq

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Graceful Awakening, 2007 Mixed Media 37" W 52" H 10" D © Karen LeCocq
Awakening Awarness, 2007 Mixed Media 48" W 50" H 10" D © Karen LeCocq
Scroll II, 2006 Mixed Media 19" W 88" H 5" D © Karen LeCocq
Brush Stroke, 1996 Mixed Media 96" W 56" H 5" D © Karen LeCocq
The Zen of Being Wonderful, A Shrine to Childhood Innocence, 2003 Mixed Media 8" W 21" H 8" D © Karen LeCocq
Roving Ovaries, 1994 Mixed Media 27" W 9" H 17" D © Karen LeCocq
Kami Seki, 1993 Hemp Rope 92" W 14" H 92" D © Paul Ward
Nesting Phalopods, 1994 Mixed Media 4" W 8" H 4" D © Paul Ward
Nine Pink Lipstick Domes In White Eyelet Dresses, Wondering When They Are Goiing To Be Old Enough To Wear Lipstisk and When They Are Going To Be Asked To Dance, 1972 Mixed Media 36"W 48" H 36" D © Karen LeCocq
Shy, But Almost Naked, 2000 Mixed Media 35" W 35" H 10" D © Dick Wittington
Naked But Golden, 2000 Mixed Media 34" W 34" H 9" D © Dick Whittington
Feather Cunt, 1971, remade 1996 Mixed Media 12" W 10" H 12" D © Paul Ward
Bodhi, 2009 Mixed Media 12" W 26" H 3" D © K.LeCocq
Make-Up Performance Piece from Leah’s Room (based on Colette’s Cheri), 1972 Mixed Media Installation At Womanhouse, Los Angeles © Karen LeCocq
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Santa Rosa, CA
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Mariposa, CA
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Mariposa, CA
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Washington DC, Fresno, CA, CA, Gallery 10, Gallery 25, Meridian Gallery, San Francisco
feminist, Art, mixed-media, sculpture

Professional artist and lecturer, Karen LeCocq is a mixed media sculptor who has shown nationally and internationally in galleries as well as major museums, among them: The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY, The Armand Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA, and the The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA. Her work has gained international recognition through its use in the Absolut Vodka Signature Artist campaign.

Her work has been pictured in numerous publications, among them: Art In America, Art News, Artforum, Art and Antiques, Manhatten Arts, and Time Magazine and has been reproduced in the books The Power of Feminist Art, Sexual Politics, The Absolut Book, California Artists, Through the Flower, By Our Own Hands, and in her autobiography, The Easiest Thing To Remember.

She teaches sculpture, painting and drawing at University of California, Merced and lives in the foothills of Mariposa county with her artist husband, David Medley and four cats, Neko, Tommi, Sachi and Yami.

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