a c holland

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(still) inprogress, 2015 Urethane on Ply Mounted Paper 60" X 40" © ahstudio
(just) passing through, 2014 Urethane on Canvas 56” X 48” © ahstudio
lastwords (nothing but time), 2014 Urethane and Graphite on Linen Wrapped Ply 60”x40” © ahstudio
just can't seem to shake it (unexpected muse), 2012 Mixed Medium on Ply Mounted Linen 120"x60" © ahstudio
upsidedown (but on dry land), 2012 Mixed Medium on Ply Mounted Linen 40"x 60" © ahstudio
rightsideup (but under water), 2012 Mixed Medium on Ply Mounted Linen 40"x 60" © ahstudio
voodoofish (at the end of your line), 2011 Urethane, Charcoal and Graphite on Canvas 9'x 3' (3 Panels) © ahstudio
at the oddest times (you float into my head), 2010 Mixed Medium on Ply Mounted Linen 48"x 85" (4 Panels) © ahstudio
undertow, 2009 Urethane on Ply Mounted Linen 54" X 24" (2 Panels) © ahstudio
under my skin, 2008 Urethane on Ply-mounted Linen 80" X 60" © ahstudio
sugar's ghost, 2006-2007 Urethane on Ply Mounted Linen 80" X 60" (2 Panels) © ahstudio
ghost of the blue fish, 2004 Mixed Medium on Ply Mounted Paper 72 1/2"x 26 1/2" © ahstudio
ghostmap, 2005-2006 Mixed Medium on Ply Mounted Linen 48" X 21 1/2" © ahstudio
grotto's ghost, 2004 Mixed Medium on Ply Mounted Paper 72 1/2"x26 1/2" © ahstudio
Quick Facts
tulsa, OK
Birth year
Lives in
Santa Monica
Yale University
School of Visual Arts New York (SVA), 1986, BFA
Representing galleries
Joanna Burke Art Consultants, Pierce Modern Gallery
painting, abstract, mixed-media

Born:    1964, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Education:    MFA, 1989, School of Visual Arts, NYC, NY

BFA, 1986, Yale University, New Haven, CT

Selected Exhibitions

2014: 'New Work' - Lumina Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2012: Pierce Modern Gallery, Solo Show, Paso Robles CA

2010: 'Power of 10.2' - Thomas Lavin, Los Angeles, CA, curated by Joanna Burke.

2008: HBO Art Gallery,  Solo Show,  Santa Monica, CA

2006: 'Evidence of the New' – Thomas Lavin, Los Angeles, CA

2005: ‘The Usual Suspects’  - Thomas Lavin, Los Angeles, CA.

2004: ‘Unusual Works/Surrealism 2004’ - Thomas Lavin, Los Angeles, CA.

2004: Group Show - Art7938, Los Angeles, CA.

2002: ‘Africa’ - Thomas Lavin, Los Angeles, CA.

2001: Stanford University Art Gallery, Solo Show,  Palo Alto, CA.

2000: B. Sakata Gallery,  Group Show, Sacramento, CA.

2000: ‘5 Americans’ - Le Dormant Gallery, Marseille,France.

1997: Neal Menzies Gallery, Group Show, Los Angeles, CA.

1995: Neal Menzies Gallery, Group Show, Los Angeles, CA.

1989: ‘Line’ - Visual Arts Gallery, NYC,NY.

1988: L’Instituto Superiore per le Industrie Artische di Urbino,,

          Group Show, Urbino, Italy.

1988  Visual Arts Gallery, Group Show, NYC, NY.

1986: Yale University Art Gallery, Thesis Exhibit, New Haven, CT.

1985: Yale University Art Gallery, Solo Show, , New Haven CT.

1983: Tokyo American Club, Group Show, Tokyo, Japan.

Private Collections

Red Truck, Los Angeles; Manifesto, Inc, NYC; Marcy & Rob Ross, Santa Monica, CA; Joan & Alan Burns, Los Angeles, CA; Richard Dysart and Kathryn Jacobi, Los Angeles, CA; David Landau, Los Angeles, CA; Greg  Schilz & Kim Kihara, San Rafael, CA; Ralph & Trish Axsom-Saunders, Marin, CA; Mr. & Mrs. D. Vangilder, Long Beach, CA;  Jean Yves  & Michele Gautret, Paris, France; Ms. Francesca Basilico, Los Angeles, CA;  Ms. Carole Terranova, Venice, CA; Michele Clarke, New York, NY; Douglas Martin, Marseille, France; Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cohen, NYC, NY;  Mrs. Iris Wenglin, Boston, MA.