eric reinemann

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East Street 6, 2016 Watercolor 15x20 © ericreinemann
East Street 5, 2016 Watercolor 15x20 © ericreinemann
East Street 2, 2016 Watercolor 30x25 © ericreinemann
Porch #3, 2016 Watercolor 15x20 © ericreinemann
Porch #2, 2016 Watercolor 15x20 © ericreinemann
From the Porch #5, 2016 Acrylic 25x33 © ericreinemann
From the Porch #6, 2016 Acrylic 24x32 © ericreinemann
From the Porch #7, 2016 Acrylic 25x33 © ericreinemann
East Street 1, 206 Watercolor Collage 40x30 © ericreinemann
Interior 25, 2015 Watercolor And Color Pencil 18x24 Matted © ericreinemann
Conant Park, 2016 Watercolor 15x20 © ericreinemann
East Works Building, 2016 Watercolor 20x18 © ericreinemann
Interior 31, 2016 Watercolor Collage 15x20 © ericreinemann
Interior 26, 2015 Mixed Media 24x18 Matted © ericreinemann
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New York
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Southampton, MA
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Southampton, MA
University of Oregon, 2003, MFA
SUNY Plattsburgh, 2000, BFA
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The more I explore what I see, the more intriguing the world becomes. Curiosity, imagination, and intuition, are the driving forces that guide my process. 

Currently, I am focused on an idea that has been on my mind for many years: the concept of a 360 painting. This idea came to me in grad school. One day I had this awareness of what it was to be a tiny thinking being stuck to a giant mass as it spun around in space. It was moment that shook up the way I perceived the world around me. Intrigued by this new sense of placement and scale, I tried to paint it. 

I tried on and off for years, but I never had the technical skills to make it happen. The works always lacked a sense of cohesion and lucidity, until recently. 

My understanding of drawing started to change this year. The necessity of imagination and invention crawled in alongside the rigorous discipline of getting that line just right. This new freedom allowed me to interpret and edit without loosing sense of real proportions, creating a nice mixture of an idea and the real. No longer is drawing just a means of representation, it has become a means of thinking. 

Eric Reinemann was born in Albany, NY in 1978. Reinemann received his MFA from the University of Oregon in 2003 and BFA from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. His works are in public and private collections across the country. Reinemann will be presenting his new 360s at GF Contemporary in Santa Fe, NM this September. 


Past Exhibitions:

2016     SITE Unseen 9, SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

2015     New Worksartist talk, GF Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

2014     Small Works Show, GF Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

             SITE Unseen 8, SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

             Quiet Observations, solo show, GF Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

             Contemporary Abstraction, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

2013     Abstract Matters, The Drawing Room, Cos Cob, CT

             Small Works Show, GF Contemporay, Santa Fe, NM

2012     Seattle Art Fair, Seattle, WA

             Holiday Show, GF Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

             SITE Unseen 7, SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

2011     AD2021, Boston, MA

             SFFAF, San Francisco, CA

             Holiday Show, GF Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

2010     AD2021, Boston, MA

             Santa Fe, Jay Etkins Gallery, Memphis, TN

             Holiday Show, GF Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

2009     Paint, Climate Gallery, Long Island City, NY