Joris van de Moortel

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Joris van de Moortel at Galerie Nathalie Obadia - Bruxelles 10/11/13
The Nathalie Obadia Gallery is pleased to present the work of Joris Van de Moortel in his first solo show in Brussels. Painter, sculptor, performer and musician, Joris Van de Moortel will use the post-industrial architecture of the gallery to encompass his many-shaped work that is transformed to set off the space exhibiting it. A good example of this adaptation is his Cylinder, that was first inaugurated at the Transpalette in 2012 (Contemporary Art Centre in Bourges), and then moved to... [more]
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Joris van de Moortel at Galerie Michael Janssen October 8th, 2010 - December 17th, 2010
Posted 12/6/10
          Galerie Michael Janssen is pleased to present for the first time Belgian artist Joris Van de Moortel with the exhibition Like a hurricane (you are like). Van de Moortel’s practice and work consist of a complex web of ideas and references with a processual and performative approach. It combines different disciplines and is characterized by a radical deployment of material in which predicted chance or “planned accidents” play a central role. His practice disrupts all expectations... [more]
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