Min Zou

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Dancer, 2010.12 Oil On Canvas 60x80cm
time travel, 2010.11 Oil On Canvas 60x80cm
Solar system, 2010.10 Oil On Canvas 2 © no
self-portrait, 2010.11 Oil On Canvas 2 © No
star Lady, 2010.10 Oil On Canvas 2 © no
self-portrait2, 2011 Oil On Canvas 2 © no
self-portrait3, 2011 Oil On Canvas 2 © no
self-portrait, 2011 Oil On Canvas 2 © no
a little girl, 2011 Oil On Canvas 2 © no
abstract, 2011 Oil On Canvas 2 © no
abstract2, 2011 Oil On Canvas 2 © no
abstract3, 2011 Oil On Canvas 2 © no
With alien, 2011 Oil On Canvas 2 © no
Dialogue between human and alien, 2011 Oil On Canvas 2 © no
abstract4, 2011 Oil On Canvas 2 © no
Quick Facts
artist, gallery landscape, traditional, figurative, conceptual, exhibition/performance

Min Zou: Artist. Chinese.
I have engaged in oil paintings in the art factory areas in Songzhuang Beijing since 2009. Art works of mine have attended the auction for many times, and some artworks were collected by the Museum of Fine Arts and collector from domestic and abroad. Beijing SongZhuang Art Association signed a cooperation agreement with me.

For my understanding and pursuing of art, I have painted oil paintings in 2010, and the main theme of which is in a series of space-time. They also are the accumulation of my natural science and philosophy of knowledge of many years. The paintings are my comprehension of the universe, the exploration of life. I try to describe the profoundness, infiniteness and mystery of the universe by my paintings, and try to display the hierarchythe depth the greatness and the infiniteness of the universe in front of people, for people to taste the endless universe, time travel and magic blurred galaxies. In this series of paintings of time and space, I put not only my Chinese painting technique of years into the Western oil paintings, but also the actual situation theory yin and yang theory of Chinese philosophy, and especially take space-time as the media to form my own unique painting language.

Painting since childhood. Studied in Europe.
Bsc degree in 2004.
MA degree in 2008
2008 to 2009, studied at the China Academy of Fine and Art.

Group Exhibition
In 2010, Women Art Exhibition in Songzhuang, Beijing
In 2011, Women Art Exhibition in Songzhuang, Beijing
In 2011, Song Zhuang Art Center Exhibition, Beijing

Solo Exhibition:
In 2011, Phoenix Arts Salon, Beijing.