Tracy DiTolla

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Art for Meditation

The one thing that has kept me going throughout my life was art.  Whether I was making it, looking at it, reading about it or watching a documentary about it, I always felt better with art around me.  It was and is the only thing that can break into one of my OCD/anxiety episodes and stop it dead in its tracks, most of the time at least.  So I am grateful for art, without it I would be a quivering heap of fear and self-loathing.  Art is my religion in a way that religion was never able to be... [more]
Posted by Tracy DiTolla on 1/12/13

Salvation in Art

So many artists, including myself, claim art is like a religion or a religious experience.  What is it about art that provides salvation for so many?  Is it the beauty?  The honesty?  The fantasy?  The actuality of being able to bring forth something that was not previously in existence?  How do colors, lines, forms and shapes act as a savior when an actual savior cannot seem to provide comfort?  I have heard and read of artists throughout history up until present time, known and unknown,... [more]
Posted by Tracy DiTolla on 1/2/13

Make me a Saint

I feel this is an important issue that is on everyone's mind these days. I know people are thinking things like, "Tracy is so great, why isn't she a saint?" and "How is it possible for anyone to be as awesome as Tracy and not be a saint?" Well, you're not alone in these thoughts, I think them as well and with your support I feel we can get the ball rolling on my sainthood. I believe that I would be an excellent patron saint of alcohol. Please join the facebook group and pass the word on to your... [more]
Posted by Tracy DiTolla on 6/16/09