Anjali Sapra

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The ephemeral Playground Silver Foil And Natural Pigment On Canvas 45" X 45" Inches © Courtesy of the artist & Mahua Art Gallery (Sadashivnagar)
Multifoliate messenger Natural Pigment And Gold Foil On Canvas 54x54 In © Anjali Sapra
Crossroads by design Natural Pigment And Gold Foil On Canvas 42x54 In © Anjali Sapra
Untitled Egg Tempera On Paper 22.5x32.5 In © Anjali Sapra
Untitled Egg Tempera On Paper 22.5x32.5 In © Anjali Sapra
Untitled Egg Tempera On Paper 22.5x32.5 In © Anjali Sapra
Redeem the dream - v Mixed Media On Handmade Paper 9 X 15 Inches © Anjali Sapra
Travellers trails - i Mixed Media On Handmade Paper 9 X 15 Inches © Anjali Sapra
Whispers of immortality Bronz Brass In Camphore Wood 17x22 In © Anjali Sapra
Silent dialogue - ii Bronz Brass In Camphore Wood 14x18 In © Anjali Sapra
Travellers Trails Mixed Media On Paper 9" X 15" © Courtesy of the artist & Mahua Art Gallery (Sadashivnagar)
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Anjali Sapra’s tryst with art began many years ago. A keen interest in the visual arts from an early age, led to a study of Indian art forms. The intricacies of Mughal miniatures, the earthy hues of Worli painting and the rich cultural heritage of India have all profoundly influenced her.

She worked at Triveni Kala Sangam from 2001- 2005, subsequently training under a senior artist. This association took her back to the roots and the earlier study of Indian art. The origins of natural pigments, the creation of colour, turning mundane substances into shimmering hues and using them on blank canvas, all led to an evolution in her thinking, making her work relate inspirationally to nature and the essence of being, expressing the spiritual struggle of humanity yearning to reach upwards into the light.

The inspiration continues to source itself from the wellspring of nature and the simple realities of the everyday world. Trees, birds, fish and lotus blooms - all are metaphors for depiction of the complexity of human endeavor against the simplicity of the existence of primal life forms.

Her journey of self - expression and self exploration winds its way to the gradual juxtaposition of the possibilities of human enlightenment through the balance of the self on the palette of nature. The expression of the human spirit, its freedom, the splendor of its existence and the celebration of its immortality are transferred onto her canvases.

Anjali Sapra works in layers, texturing the canvas as she imbues it with colour. There is extensive use of Gold and Silver foil as well as natural pigments, which are freshly made each time they are used. She has worked with a variety of media: using vegetable dyes and gouache on handmade paper, egg tempera, charcoal, pen and ink and oil and acrylic on canvas.

Literally and metaphorically, her work has to be viewed on various levels.



Born: July 12, 1967


  • Worked extensively on traditional techniques of the Mughal miniaturists.
  • Trained at Triveni Kala Sangam From 2001 to 2005
  • Worked under a senior artist since 2005, specializing in the technique of vegetable dyes and natural pigments.


  • “ Timeless Travels ” - Solo Show at Taj West End, Bangalore; December 2010
  • “ Roots in the Contemporary ” - Groupshow by Mahua Gallery of Bangalore at Bajaj Gallery, Mumbai, November 2010
  • “ ARTiculate ” - Group show for Pratham UK; Preview at Christies,London; September 2010
  • “ Abstracts ” - Group show by Gallery Stupa 18,NOIDA; March 2010
  • Group show by Art Junction,Hotel The Lalit,New Delhi; March 2010
  • “ Women of Colour ” - Group show at Olive beach, New Delhi; March 2010
  • “ Without Boundaries ” - Group show by Mahua Gallery, Bangalore; February 2010
  • “ Threshold ” - Group show by Gallery Stupa 18, NOIDA; February 2010
  • “ The Journey ” - Solo Show at Galerie Romaine Rolland,Alliance Francaise , New Delhi; December 2009
  • “ Ad Infinitum ” - Groupshow by Roopsi Art Gallery at Alliance Francaise, New Delhi, October 2009
  • “ Annual Show '09 ” - Galerie Sara Arakkal, Bangalore, September 2009
  • “ Different Strokes ” - Group show at The Stainless Gallery, New Delhi, Sept 2008
  • “ Across the Threshold ” - Group show at Mahua Gallery, Bangalore, August 2008
  • Art Camp and Groupshow at Alliance Francaise de Delhi , New Delhi; Oct-Nov 2007
  • “ Divergent Horizons ” – Group show at Academy of Arts and Literature , New Delhi; October 2007
  • “ Fourth Anniversary Show ” – Galerie Sara Arakkal, Bangalore Aug – Sept., 2007
  • “ Roots and Shoots ” – Sequel Group show by Mahua Gallery Leela Kempinski Hotel, Bangalore, July 2007
  • “ Roots and Shoots ” – Group show at Gallery Cork, Mayfair, London : July 2007
  • “ Beyond Boundaries - II ” - Group show by Mahua Gallery of Bangalore at Leela Kempinski Hotel, Bangalore, May 2007
  • "Postcard to Tranquillity" - Group show at Deepika Govinds Gallery, New Delhi, March 2007
  • "Beyond Boundaries" - Group show by Mahua Gallery of Bangalore at Bajaj Gallery, Mumbai, March 2007
  • Art for Concern Exhibition (The Oberoi Hotel) – 2006
  • Camlin Art Foundation Exhibition (Lalit Kala Academy) - 2004
  • Delhi State Exhibition(A.I.F.A.C.S.) – 2003


  • Work is in several private collections in India and in countries like the United Kingdom , Germany, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Thailand.
  • A series of 24 paintings executed for the 'Shanti Ananda Spa', Mauritius in 2006.
  • Artwork executed for Ista Hotel ; Bangalore in 2006
  • Executed pen and ink drawings for a Coffee Table Book commemorating 50 years of Welham Girls' School; Dehradun,published in October 2007.
  • A Series of 29 paintings executed for Gorbandh Palace, Jaisalmer, an HRH Group property; in 2008
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