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Branches teapot, 2000 Mixed © Christo de Beer
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Khuma, Stilfontein
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Khuma, Stilfontein
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ceramics;, carpentry, mixed-media, non-profit

Christo De Beer was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa, a man inspired by God's beautiful creation and life.  From a young age he found an interest in being practical with his hands.  He was inspired by his Grandfather who was a man who liked to solve problems, designing and creating 3 dimensional things.  At school he did well in woodwork, and was used to helping around the house in painting and gardening projects.

Christo  graduated after 6 years, with an International  Diploma in the Arts & Ceramics from the Bloemfontein Technikon in 2000.

He has worked for himself, specializing in meeting people's needs in interior decorating - furniture making/carpentry; sculpting; ceramics/pottery; tree trimming (gardening); and basically any "handy man" work.

We are looking at practical ways to really impact the surrounding society with Godliness and a better lifestyle. Incoming work will generate finances, and the jobs will teach the young men & woman new skills to grow.

Recently we have started a new project "ART FOR A CAUSE".  We have been blessed with 2 young men, aged 22 yrs, unemployed, but keen to learn skills.  We are teaching them to make frames, as is the new craze found in art and gift shops.  We will also specialise in kists/chests & in ceramics/pottery.

Proceeds from sales will generate funds to continue this operation and also provide an income for these young men.

Christo & his wife, Lara, are a faith based operation (non-profit),  She is actively involved in the community, by reaching out to the local Garbage Dump & local, Khuma Township, ministering to people, organising sponsors for food & clothes and taking it to the people in need.

A photo portfolio of some of Christo's work, covering various areas of his skills and expertise can be found on their website.  His desire is to influence the market through his art works.  Go to the PHOTO GALLERY PAGE for clear pics on his work.


He can be contacted on Cell    +27 (0) 73 3564580     or on & their SKYPE address is - chosenbygod2

It is our hope that exposure on this site will draw attention to our work, and will bring in support that we need to continue to influence and uplift our local community.


Many thanks & God bless You!