DovBer Marchette

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Belligerence, Dignity, Integrity

I learned from my mentor, David Smith, the abstract expressionist sculptor, and from the Modernist movement, to work, to be true to yourself, to know your craft well, to keep moving from level to level, and to be belligerent about the right things.  I am belligerent about purity – about seeing without imposing and about allowing the art object to reveal itself.  After more than forty five years of learning, teaching, and making art, I approach my work with as open a mind as possible and... [more]
Posted by DovBer Marchette on 6/28/11

Within Any Given Environmental Context

Within Any Given Environmental Context there exist a multitude of variation. This is the broad Concept; the initial idea. The Environmental Context is that which gives order and direction to the creative Process. The multitude of variation is the Presentation in which the Concept is manifest. [more]
Posted by DovBer Marchette on 8/6/09

My influences

 Sculpture; Betzalel ben Yehudah, Michaelangello, Rodin, and David Smith. Painting; VanGough, Kandinsky, and Pollock.  Historian; Clement Greenberg and John Elderfield.  Performance; Gilbert & George  Mixed Media; Schwitters, Kienholtz, Rauchenberg. Having taught history on the college level for seven years provided me with the opportunity to grow intellectually and to develop an understanding of the "Creative Process" from Impressionism through the "Conceptual Movement". [more]
Posted by DovBer Marchette on 7/20/09