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Series " The Lenguage of The Goddess", 2012 Acrylic/Paper 40cms. X 40 Cms. © yes
Series " The Lenguage of The Goddess", 2012 Acrylic/Paper 40cms.X40cms. © yes
Series " The Lenguage of The Goddess", 2012 Acrylic/Paper 40cms. X 40 Cms. © yes
Series " The Lenguage of The Goddess", 2014 Acrylic/ Canvas 100cms. X 150. Cms. © Yes
Series " The Lenguage of The Goddess", 2014 Acrylic/ Canvas 100 Cms. X 150 Cms. © yes
" Nocturnal", 2012 Acrylic/Canvas 150cms.X160cms. © yes
"Lenguage of The Goddess", 2013 Leather, Acrylic, Stones, Feathers, Bones 130cms. X 130cms. © yes
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Códice (Nicaragua), Tribeka(San Salvador) Ana Lucia Gómez, Arte Latinoamericano ( Guatemala) , Galeria Valanti (Costa Rica),
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Ana Lucia Gómez Arte Latinoamericano, Carlow&Co. Galeria Códice
gallery mixed-media painting abstract sculpture painting photography, sculpture







Like A Departure Point…


When one begins to make a weave, the development of the fiber begins from a point. In similar form to a ball of yarn, a cocoon, the creations of Irene grow from an epicenter. Their works have an axis from which they develop and they increase. For that reason they are tied to life or rather they emulate that vital growth that goes from inside to outside.

Centered in a convergence, these compositions are centripetal, because their parts join in organic forms, causing a full vision, which it is easy to enter into them selves and feel embraced as in a maternal breast. For that reason, we are caught and surrounded by them. We become part of a whirlpool that absorbs to us trough its colors, textures and outlines.

One does not theorize in front of this works, you sense them and enter in connection with something that has been in gestation and given birth with the force and tenderness of life. The primitive character where they have been carried and the visual vocabulary with which they speak to us, take us to very elementary experiences; they connect to us with our vital and simultaneously spiritual center.

Its impact is direct, as it is in the rhythms, sounds and elements of nature. Each one evokes the form into which the climate, geography, earth, water and wind are part of our life and our surroundings.

Irene transmits the sense of the vital and primordial. Her artist vocabulary put us in front of the ancestral, she grants us immediately with the fundamental and archaic.                                                                                                    Silvia Herrera Ubico/ 2008


Irene Carlos


Solo Exhibits

2010 Gallery Ana Lucia Gómez, Guatemala

2007 Gallery Ana Lucia Gómez Guatemala

2005 Gallery Panza Verde, Antigua Guatemala

2004 Gallery Ana Lucia Gomez, Guatemala

2003 Vertice Gallery, Guatemala

2002 Vertice Gallery, Guatemala

2001 Atico Gallery, Guatemala

2000 Gallery Viva, Captiva Island, USA

1999 Gallery Codice, Nicaragua

1999 Gallery Vilanova, San Salvador

1999 Universidad Rafael Landivar, Guatemala

1998 Gallery Plástica Contemporánea, Guatemala

1996 Gallery Plástica Contemporánea, Guatemala

1995 Gallery Plástica Contemporánea, Guatemala

1994 Museo Ixchel, Guatemala

1992 Gallery Plástica Contemporánea, Guatemala

1991 Gallery Plástica Contemporánea , Guatemala

1990 Gallery 1-2-3 ,San Salvador

1989 Gallery Plásica Conemporánea, Guatemala

1987 Gallery, “The Gallery”, San Salvador

1986 Gallery El Túnel, Guatemala

1985 Museo Ixchel, Guatemala

Relevant Group Shows

2010 Gallery Códice, Nicaragua

2010 North American Costa Rican Cultural Center, Costa Rica

2007 Gallery Carlow & Co. Costa Rica

2005 Paradehuset Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2001 Tourist Group Kinki, Japan

2000 Artique Gallery, Guatemala

1999 Latin American Festival, 1999 World Trade Center Club, Taipei

1998 Taipei Art Fair

Gallery Portales, Honduras, Gallery Códice, Nicaragua,

Valanti Gallery, Costa Rica, Gallery Vilanova, San Salvador,

Gallery Plástica Contemporánea, Guatemala.

1997 Patronato Pro-Patrimonio Cultural, San Salvador

1996 Gallery Art-Consult, Panama

1995 Gallery Sol del Rio, Guatemala

1994 GalleryPlástica Contemporánea, Guatemala

1993 Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic, Gallery I-2-3,

San Salvador, Museum Hildesheim, Germany

1991 Museum of Modern Art, Dominican Republic

Sol Del Rio Gallery, Guatemala

1988 Centro Cultural de La Villa, Spain

Public Collections

Lloyds Bank

Promerica Bank

Citi Bank

Banco del Café

Museo de Arte Moderno, Dominican Republic

Awards and Honors:

1993 Selected Artist in Residence

Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic.

2010 Invited as a creative artist in the Biennial

Iberoamerican Textile Network, Costa Rica

Selected Bibliography

2007 El Hilo de el Discurso, book by Lucrecia médez de Penedo

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article by Lucrecia Méndez de Penedo

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