Abel Alejandre

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Mujer Olvidada, 2003 Oil On Primed Wood 60"X60" © ©2003 Abel Alejandre. All rights reserved.
Toma Todo, 2007 Graphite 8.5"X11" © 2007
"Mis Nopales", 2007 Graphite 32"X40" © ©2007 Abel Alejandre. All rights reserved.
"Los Tres Gallos", 2007 Graphite And Acrylic On Paper 32"X40" © 2007 Abel Alejandre. All rights reserved.
Detail of "Que me Ves?", 2008 Graphite On Wood 24"X24" © ©2008 Abel Alejandre. All rights reserved.
"Bonds" (Detail), 2009 Oil On Canvas 16"X20" © Abel Alejandre. All rights Reserved.
Visual Artist, 2009 Woodblock Print 8'w X 4'h © 2009
Patriarch, 2009 Oil On Canvas 60"X60" © ©2009 Abel Alejandre. All rights reserved.
Mi Futuro, 2009 Oil On Canvas 60"X60" © ©2009 Abel Alejandre. All rights reserved.
Keep Me Warm, 2011 Chalk Pastels On Paper 16"X20" © ©2011 Abel Alejandre. All rights reserved.
My Fathers, 2010 Woodcut Print 96" X 48" © Abel Alejandre
Mis Padres Woodblock Print 8 Feet By 4 Feet © Abel Alejandre
My Fathers Woodblock Print On Linen 96" X 48" © Abel Alejandre
Palea No. 2, 2010 Oil On Canvas 12 X 12 © Abel Alejandre
A Tale of Two Birds (Detail), 2013 Woodblock Print 50" Width By 82" Height © 2013 Abel Alejandre
A Tale of Two Birds (Detail), 2013 Woodcut Print On Muslin
Street Fighter, 2015 Graphite On Primed Wood Panel 48" W X 24"H © 2015. Abel Alejandre
Street Fighter, 2015 Graphite On Wood Panel 48"X24" © 2015 Abel Alejandre
Street Fighter, 2015 Graphite, Acrylic On Panel © Abel Alejandre
Street Fighter, 2015 Graphite/Acrylic/Gesso On Panel 24x48 Inches © Abel Alejandre
Propping Shit Up, 2016 Graphite/Acrylic On Panel 24 X 48 © Abel Alejandre
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Long Beach

My family and I immigrated to Los Angeles in 1975 from Apatzingan, Michoacan, Mexico. This experience - that of leaving one land for another, having to constantly redefine what it means to be a person, a man, a part of a community - is a central theme of my work. The ideas of love, desire, and identity are constants, consuming me and dictating both the form and the content of what I create.

Most of my work is graphite on paper, canvas or wood. Creating a new piece is a labor-intensive process that can take hundreds of pencils and or graphite leads, and up to hundreds hours to complete.

As a base for my drawings I apply multiple layers of gesso with thick bristles, to leave behind the relief of brush strokes. After every layer I gently sand down the surface, a process that leaves behind tiny grooves like those of corduroy fabric. This resulting layer creates a nuanced, interwoven texture that serves as a base for the steps to come.

I prefer to isolate my subjects on the surface, much like a string of islands adrift in a vast ocean. My subjects then receive several layers of flowing cross-hatching. Calculated lines that dance with the fluidity of wet paint create the illusion of depth, or realism.

My drawings are like a personal journal, cataloging past insecurities, insults, and painful memories. Each piece is like an oversized blanket that is, by turns, comforting but almost suffocating. But for those willing to dig deeper, my art serves as an optimistic roadmap that depicts the intimate, honest struggle against hatred and betrayal - a struggle that ultimately leads to salvation and redemption.

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