Grzegorz Czarnecki

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SUNSET, 2000 28"X28"X3/4"
AGNES, 2000 36"X29"X1"
GODFATHER, 1999 Wood 36 X 48 X 1.25 Inches
ORCAS, 02.2011 Wood 33 X 42 X 1 Inches
AGNES, 05.2000 Wood 35.25 X 28.75 X 1 Inches
ONLY YOU, 02.2011 Wood 40 X 30 X 1 Inches
Collector Wooden Books, 2010 Wood 9.75"X 11.625" X2.375" © Grzegorz Czarnecki
Collector Wooden Books, 2010 Wood 9.75"X 11.625" X2.375" © Grzegorz Czarnecki
Cheesboard Walnut And Maple Veneer 22" X 22" X 2 1/2" © Grzegorz Czarnecki
Table top © Grzegorz Czarnecki
ANGEL, 2002 25"X28.75"X0.5" © Grzegorz Czarnecki
ELEPHANT , 2003 17.5"X17.5"X0.5" © Grzegorz Czarnecki
ORZEL, 01.2013 Wood 12 X 12 Inch
Quick Facts
Lomza, Poland
Birth year
Lives in
New York
Works in
New York
mixed-media, landscape, traditional, sculpture

My name is Grzegorz Czarnecki. Currently I reside in the state of New York, but originally I am from Poland. Ever since my youth I have had a profound interest in carpentry. The job of designing and creating all sorts of finished products from wood gave me a feeling of great satisfaction and fascination. When I was 15, I first encountered the style of marquetry. My love for that form of art and, what I quickly discovered, great skill in the field, that I had, opened up a whole new world to me, one which I knew I had to explore.

After my arrival to the United States, I solidified my mastery in the techniques and technology of carpentry. My access to an endless source of all sorts of exotic wood deepened my interest and skill of marquetry.

In March 2008, for the first time I publicly displayed my works. My collection was part of "The Art of New Yorkers", which was organized by PAX (Polish American Community Services) and looked over by the mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, himself. My works drew large crowds and gave me tremendous success.

After my first public appearance, I decided to join the American Marquetry Society. This society has many different functions, among which is the promotion of works in marquetry. The society has given me a chance to show part of my collection at the 2008 National Marquetry Show, which will take place September 9th thru October 16th in San Jose, California. The "GODFATHER" won much praise and People's Choice votes at the 2008   AMS National Exhibition.

My entries will be printed and displayed at The 2009 Marquetry Society National Exhibition in Gravesend  Kent  England, and will also appear in the Marquetarian, on the society's  website

MARQUETRY or wood decorative artistry is considered to be one of the most difficult arts. Besides unrepeatable skills, it requires patience, engagement, and unprecedented precision from a craftsman.  A beautiful item of marquetry is the fruit of a long and detailed process of picking, cutting, placing, and gluing which takes a long time. In a traditional technique, different design elements are cut separately in an attempt to reduce a gap left by a knife’s blade. As a result, perfectly fit together pieces show no visible signs of insertions and blending together, they create one solid surface.

The motifs applied in intarsia include elements of landscape, animals, flowers, people and geometrical details. A real artist is able to combine factors such as grain, color and texture of materials to render desired aesthetic results as he would be using a palette to paint paintings.

All my marquetry is hand-made. I use a natural beauty of wood where each part of veneer differs from another. The outcomes are astonishing and unique.

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