Rachel E Peterson

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Breathe Pastel 20x24 © Rachel Peterson
Inhale Pastel 20x24 © Rachel Peterson
Filter Pastel 20x24 © Rachel Peterson
Synaptic Connections 1 Acrylic 12x12 © Rachel Peterson
Accute Landscape Pastel 24x36 Triptych © Rachel Peterson
Breathe, 12/2005 Pastel 20x24 © Rachel Peterson
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World Wide
landscape, surrealism, conceptual

My paintings make a bold statement about the beauty and mystery of our human bodies. By exploring this world on a microscopic level, I introduce the viewer to a new foreign landscape that is within each of us. It is a search within, art of the human body as never seen before.

In regards to today’s medical care, I think we have over simplified and mechanized the human body.  We feed it pills and don’t address the entire health situation. We have forgotten the intricate, mystical anatomical landscapes we are comprised of.  And treat human health as if it is a machine to be fixed, not an interconnected world.

The mission of my paintings are to re-introduce this valuable, precious inner landscapes and bring a new appreciation for the human body and its well being.