Jayne Taylor

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'Interiors' , 2009 Photography © All rights reserved
'Interiors' , 2009 Photography © All rights reserved
'Interiors' , 2009 Photography © All rights reserved
'Interiors' , 2009 Photography © All rights reserved
'Interiors' , 2009 Photography © All rights reserved
'Interiors' , 2009 Photography © All rights reserved
'Interiors' , 2009 Photography © All rights reserved
'Interiors' , 2009 © All rights reserved
'Interiors' - installation shot, 2009 Photography/Installation © Jayne Taylor
'Interiors' - installation shot, 2009 Photography/Installation © Lillian Wilkie
'Same Old Song' from the series 'Analogue', 2009 © Jayne Taylor
'Anon #27' from book project 'Passenger', 2008 © Jayne Taylor
'The Deceptive Image' from the series 'The Act of Self-Portraiture', 2007 Pinhole Photography © Jayne Taylor
'Vanity' from the series 'The Act of Self-Portraiture', 2007 Pinhole Photography © Jayne Taylor
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mixed-media, installation, surrealism, photography, digital, conceptual, exhibition/performance

'Interiors' Project, ongoing

Taking an intimate look at "real people" whose lives resonate with the imagery and aesthetics of past decades, 'Interiors' shows its subjects pictured against the backdrops of their own homes. The theme reflects my fascination, as a photographer, with the everyday tensions between reality and fantasy; and with the profound relationships between photography and nostalgia, vision and imagination.

'Interiors' is an ongoing project shot using a vintage stereoscopic (3D) camera. The stereoscopic effect heightens the sense of 'magic' which first attracted me to photography; the format has a certain vintage charm too, which brings the project full-circle - and somehow to life - within the gallery space


'Analogue' Project, ongoing

'Same Old Song' is one of a series of silver gelatin prints entitled 'Analogue'. The series is a work in progress featuring extreme close-up images of vinyl record grooves, shot with a basic 35mm SLR under daylight.


'Passenger' Book Project, 2008

‘Each wears garments which of themselves are exquisitely subtle uniforms and badges of their being.

Each carries in the postures of his body the signatures of a time and place in the world.’

- James Agee

Inspired by Walker Evans’ covert observations of life on the New York subway, I took to the London Underground with my own hidden camera. Eye-contact is almost taboo on the Underground, so I sometimes find my(bookless)self looking at the feet of the passenger opposite, guessing who they might be and where they might be going... I’ve often thought that you can tell as much about people from their shoes as their body language.  I see these photographs as portraits, conveying small clues and inviting the viewer’s imagination to complete the picture.


'The Act of Self-Portraiture', 2007

‘In front of the lens…strange action:

I do not stop imitating myself.’

– Roland Barthes

Is it ever possible to step outside of your ‘self’ and see yourself as others do? These images are taken from an experimental stop-frame/slide-show looking at the vain pursuit of trying to observe oneself objectively through the facetries of the mirror and the self-portrait.The piece comprises around 50 images made in-camera, using a digital SLR/pinhole camera combination which bestows a split personality of sorts onto the medium itself.

The long exposure times, required for the pinhole, allow for movement (and transparency) within the frame, helping to convey the lack of clarity, the sense of real and imagined presence-and-absence, and the elements of masquerade and self-manipulation, which are all so intrinsic to self-portraiture.Just as the subject of any portrait relinquishes a certain amount of control over their final representation, so the pinhole camera forces the photographer to let go of some of the control usually taken for granted within the photographic process.


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