Edvard Sasun

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Edvard Sasun
Still Life II, 2002 Oil On Canvas 100x95cm © Edvard Sasun
Buddha Altar-I, 2003 Oil On Canvas 60x80cm © Edvard Sasun
Wat Arun (Thailand), 2005 Oil On Canvas 74x97cm © Edvard Sasun
Krabi-Moonlight (Thaland), 2005 Oil On Canvas 85x105cm © Edvard Sasun
Moonlight-montain Ararat (Armenia), 2006 Oil On Canvas 100x80cm © Edvard Sasun
Mountain Arteny (Armenia), 2008 Oil On Canvas 80x60cm © Edvard Sasun
Andaman Sea (Thailand), 2005 Oil On Canvas 90x70cm © Edvard Sasun
Portrait of old man, 1983 Watercolour On Paper 30x41cm © Edvard Sasun
Portrait of a young woman, 2009 Oil On Canvas 60x80cm © Edvard Sasun
Portrait of a young lady, 2009 Oil On Canvas 60x80cm © Edbard Sasun
LAST SUPPER , 2003-2010 Oil On Canvas 155 X 192 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Komitas (Armenia in 1915), 2009 Oil On Canvas 150 X 110 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Anticipation, 1987 Oil On Canvas 110 X 95 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Contemplation, 1987 Oil On Canvas 93 X 80 Meters © ownership (author )
Dream , 1987 Oil On Canvas 138 X 100 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Portrait of Ararat , 1986 Oil On Canvas 80 X 60 Centimeters © . ownership (author )
Nude-I , 1986 Oil On Canvas 110 X 90 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Noah (Jesse Henry) , 2004 Oil On Canvas 80 X 60 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Portrait of a young woman , 2009 Oil On Canvas 80 X 60 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Portrait of a young lady, 2009 Oil On Canvas 80 X 60 Centimeters © . ownership (author )
Buddha Altar-I , 2003 Oil On Canvas 80 X 60 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Still Life II, 2002 Oil On Canvas 100 X 95 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Still life , 2009 Oil On Canvas 50 X 70 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Mountain Khustup , 1987 Oil On Canvas 65 X 54 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Morning at Cameron Highland(Malaysia) , 1999 Oil On Canvas 75 X 90 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Andaman Sea(Thailand) , 2005 Oil On Canvas 90 X 70 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Krabi-Moonlight(Thailand) , 2005 1005 X 85 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Krabi-Moonlight(Thailand) , 2005 Oil On Canvas 105 X 85 Centimeters © ownership (author )
. Wat Arun(Thailand) , 2005 Oil On Canvas 97 X 74 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Moonlight - mountain ARARAT (Armenia) , 2008 Oil On Canvas 80 X 100 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Mountain Arteni (Armenia) , 2008 Oil On Canvas 80 X 60 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Moonlight sea , 2009 Oil On Canvas 110 X 150 Centimeters © ownership (author )
My village , 2009 Oil On Canvas 60 X 80 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Bagaran(Armenia, 2009 Oil On Canvas 60 X 80 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Moonlight (River Araks )-Armenia, 2011 Oil On Canvas 70 X 90 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Sea landscape , 2011 Oil On Canvas 40 X 50 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Moonlight sea , 2011 Oil On Canvas 40 X 50 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Winter in Ar, 2011 Oil On Canvas 40 X 50 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Autumn in Russia , 2008 Watercolor On Paper 34 X 54 Centimeters © ownership (author )
River Oka (Russia) , 2008 Watercolor On Paper 34 X 54 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Russian winter , 2008 Watercolor On Paper 34 X 54 Centimeters © ownership (author )
Mountain Arteny , 2011 Monochrome On Paper 31 X 43 Centimeters © Edvard Sasun
Lake --SOLD, 2011 Monochrome On Paper 31 X 43 Centimeters © Edvard Sasun
Dogs in the beach 2011 31x43 cm monochrome on paper, 2011 Monochrome On Paper 43 X 31 Centimeters © Edvard Sasun
Stony beach , 2011 Monochrome On Paper 21.5 X 30.5 Centimeters © Edvard Sasun
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Born 1955, Armenia





 Studied at the  Yerevan State University (Armenia).   

Faculty of economical Cybernetics, and qualified as a                       mathematician-cybernetic and economic.



 Studied at the I.E.Repin Academy of Painting, Sculpture and           Architecture (St. Petersburg, Russia), and qualified as an artist, painter and teacher



         In his works of art Edvard Sasun is represented to the public as a follower of the 20th century European and Russian realistic school traditions.

         His versatile, all round education lasted decades: physics-mathematical specialized high school under the Yerevan State University, economical cybernetics department (Yerevan State University, 1972-1978), fine arts department (I. E. Repin Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1980- 1987). His professional qualifications include but are not limited to mathematician, physicist, artist, painter and teacher.

         Edvard Sasun started to paint at a very early age. Getting strong professional education he has remained true to the principles of realistic art in his whole life.

Graduating from the Art Academy of Fine arts in St. Petersburg in 1987 the painter resettled down in his homeland (Yerevan, Armenia).

Along the whole way of his creative life Edvard Sasun has developed himself as a reflector of real nature. The philosophic axis of his art is that God created everyone and everything perfect and multigrain. That is the reason why Edvard Sasun tries to make a micro world of the real nature. The artist says that you shouldn’t target at copying the nature; a painter should notice and show the hidden but admirable elements of the nature. The main mission of an artist is to help people to see and feel those invisible elements. Usually Edvard Sasun’s works of art make a feeling of being in the nature. 

         The artist traveled a lot and created a great number of works in different countries. He had opportunity to pass through his brush Armenian, Russian, Indian, Thai, and Malaysian natural and cultural peculiarities.

His settlement in Bangkok (1997-2005) gave him a good opportunity to recognize Thai people and the culture of Thailand and paint a lot of canvases in Thai spirit. It is common knowledge that Thailand is a place where the East and the West meet and this fact gave the painter a brilliant opportunity of getting in touch with Western people, which greatly contributed to the understanding of global eternal human values. The compositional portrait of the King and the Queen is another indication of Edvard Sasun’s knowledge and respect of the Thai history. The vast majority of his paintings are in the private collections of people of different nationalities.

         The marine paintings with the sceneries of Indian and Pacific oceans talk about the great love of the painter to the rich and mystic nature of the sea. The multiform clouds and the moon in the center are always present in Edvard Sasun’s seascapes. The “Elegy” created on the shore of the Indian Ocean in Krabi is one of his best marine paintings. 


         Edvard Sasun is an artist of different genres. Watercolors and graphic works constitute a significant part of his latest period compositions. Especially in his watercolor paintings Edvard Sasun has reached original technical solutions and an absolute mastery of performance due to which it is sometimes difficult to tell his watercolor works from his oil paintings. This is already the original style characteristic of Edvard Sasun.

         As the artist often mentions, the works created with watercolor along with their transparency must be as solid as the oil paintings, and the latter along with their solidity must be equally transparent.

         Edvard Sasun has approached the creation of all his works with the same sense of responsibility and seriousness. That is the reason why any work created by his brush or pencil is an original masterpiece that has its own peculiar sphere of spiritual influence on the spectators.

         The professionalism of the artist is reflected in his portraits that have brought him the fame of a master of psychological portraits.

         The canvases with biblical themes are also the expressions of Edvard Sasun’s inner world. “The Last Supper”, “Apocalypse”, “John the Baptist”, “Saint Marie” are the witnesses of his love and faith in God. These works have complicated compositional structures, the themes of which have been used by very talented and famous painters since medieval times. The painter was able to find his own manner of representation of the mentioned subjects.

         One of the most important and significant aspects of the painter’s art is that regardless of what his paintings are – compositional, thematic, portraits, still lives or landscapes they all express the absolute harmony of the trinity Man-Nature-Creator. That is the reason why the paintings have direct spiritual influence on the spectators regardless of their intellectual level and become their true friends that never tire or bore.

         Finally Edvard Sasun’s art saves people from loneliness, inspires hope and faith to live, communes with the wonders of the Creator and Nature, and fills their lives with beauty.


Ani Avagyan

Art  critic