Ray Vasquez

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One of the best Dia De Los Muerto shows in the Long Beach area.  
Christine Ashton, Jonathan Bueno, Ione Citrin, Malcomb Davis, Peggy Fontenot, Brandon Harrison, Edward Hernandez, John Hess, Jerry Hicks, Hillary Jones, Trish Mahoney-Ivory, Anne Margis, Patricia Marin, Earni Martinez, Victoria Moss, Mario Muñoz, Cheryl Paolini, Cora Ramirez-Vasquez, Steve Robinson, Sally Smeltzly & Sue Rutherford, Rosemary Taggart, Ray Vasquez at Alder Grove Gallery November 4th, 2011 - November 26th, 2011
Posted 10/30/11
The art is all in now and it is going to be a show worth seeing. Not your typical Dia De Los Muertos show. This show is more about giving the artists a bit more freedom then traditional shows. Plus this show has more gringo artists then most so it puts a new spin on an old, but delightful subject. [more]
Art Was Top Notch!  
CHATISMO, Raymond Aliviado, APHIDoIDEA, Juan Francisco Estravidez, Adam B. Hass, Chris Hernandez, Herman Herrera, eddie jelinet, Sandra Lopez Laguna, Efrain Martinez, MUEL, Notes2Strokes, Michael Pukac, Cora Ramirez-Vasquez, Rick Rodriguez, DEMON SLAYER, Ray Vasquez, Dave Warthall at DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH CA August 7th, 2010 - August 7th, 2010
Posted 8/11/10
From the creator of LBFunkfest Bobby Easton: "Efren, GREAT JOB!!! Everything with the art was top notch, and I can't thinkof anything that could have been better! I am leaving town todaythrough Friday. Can we figure out the gallery stuff when I get back?Also, Bootsy Collins himself is trying to track down the art/artistswho painted his likeness. Please give a HUGE thanks to all the artists for me. Looking forward to working with you again" [more]
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