Joe Sola

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Los Angeles, Jan. 2010 Andrew Berardini: Yes, this is a digital tape recorder. Speak loudly as this microphone is not as strong as I had thought. Does it look like it's on to you? So let me start then. Firstly, I'd like to say that I've never been to this Starbuck's before, it has a very desperate actor vibe to it. But that might just be because of those clones I see in line, is that Richard Grieco over there? (uncomfortable laughter) And secondly, I know that you have band practice in a short... [more]
"I am so Excited to be Talking to You!"   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Alejandro ARTIGAS, Jim BAUER, Sarah BEADLE, Heather BENNETT, Kristin Calabrese, PACIFIC DISSENT COMPANY, Peter CONTIGLIOZZI, Sian FOULKES, Patrick Lakey, Tim LAUN, Robert Levine, Christy MCCAFFREY, Tommy MCCAFFREY, Bruce Nauman, Tony PAYNE, Jason Polan, Ben Pruskin, Aaron Rose, Casey Ruble, Tom Sachs, Jonathan SCHUTE, Joe Sola, Allyson Spellacy, George Stoll, Lynn SULLIVAN, Andre VIPOLIS at Denizen Design April 3rd, 2009 - May 16th, 2009
Posted 4/13/09
    “I'm so excited to be talking to you” is a group exhibition curated by Lauren McCaffrey and Allyson Spellacy that features text based work by 27 artists. The exhibition is at Denizen Design gallery, a rather sleek space for a show tightly knit with work ranging from unknown artists to the likes of Bruce Nauman and Tom Sachs. Christy McCaffrey’s cutout collages of cartoon-like people are made from newspapers, magazines, books and maps and are seamless yet with a quirky cut and paste... [more]