Pabi Chulo

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ScArt 1, 2008 Paint On Raw Canvas 100x140 © 1
ScArRhizome 1, 2008 Panint On Raw Canvas 100x140 © 1
Love or Animal?, 2008 Paint On Raw Canvas 100x140 © 1
Fucking Flat Screen 1, 2008 Paint On Real Flat Screen 37" © 1
Fucking Flat Screen 2, 2008 Paint On Real Flat Screen 37" © 1
The Captain, 2008 Paint On Raw Canvas 100x140 © 1
Pabi Vision, 2009 Paint On A Brand New Flat Screen, Behind A Controvercial Movie 37" © 1
Pabi Vision 2, 2009 Paint On A Brand New Flat Screen, Behind A Controvercial Movie 37" © 1
Quick Facts
Birth year
Lives in
San Francisco
Works in
San Francisco
Representing galleries
LC Art Galley, Dr, Berlin
government, gallery mixed-media, video-art, surrealism, modern, digital, graffiti/street-art, figurative, sculpture, exhibition/performance

About my art in general:
“Pabi challenges universal monoculture and the
prevalent demagoguery. His artworks open the
door to an alternative realm – a fictional parallel
world that invites free thought and personal
introspection. Pabi rocks the kind of flock
mentality that makes everyone want to own a flat
screen and open a Facebook profile, that makes
everyone wear the same fashion brands and own
the same designer furniture and cars and choose
the same dishes at each and every café.”

Newest projects:
Pabi Vision:

Fucking Flatscreen 2 37”
I paint on new flatscreens. Behinde the paint plays a contempery and political video. A visual mission, a personal vision. .
By changing a flatscreen into a piece of art, it becomes timeless and tells an endless story about the time we are living in right now. A culture of consumers, that just flows with the mainstream. But where to?

ScArt.  “Am I art or disaster?”

ScArt is a new style of art, where Pabi  paying a tribute to the individual and the characteristics that make each of person unique, whatever considered beautiful or ugly.

Pabi was 14 months old when he was sitting on the kitchen counter and turned over a pot of boiling fat that left him with an open wound where his polo neck had burned his chest. The Scar has grown on him since, creating both the human being and the artist Pabi.

“Without my scar I would have been a different man, maybe even more selfish and self centered. Or maybe just an average man with an average job

- “Having scars is usually considered something negative, so in that way it has physically been a barrier to me. Having barriers forces you to be aware of your own qualities, and, maybe even more important, tolerance for other peoples qualities and defects.”

In my latest project I paint from poems by Bastian Borup, inspired by the french philosopher Gills Deleuze, in a mixture of personal interpretation and a comment to society. Nothing is simple

Pabi since 1978

Education; Visuel art teacher, BA in danish. Zahles (2004)

Teatching in art;

Vridsløselille State prison (2004-2006)

Latest Exhibitions:
Gallery Draupner, Skanderborg. 2009
Gallery FEDT. Copenhagen. 2009
Artville , Messe. Berlin , 2008
Artville, Messe .Copenhagen. 2008
Experimentariet. Solo “Complex” 2008
Galleri Rumkammerat, Soloexhibtion. “Fucking Flædskærm”
Copenhagen ArtFair, 2008
Galleri Rumkammerat; soloexhibition ”Complex”(2007)
Artville, Messe . Copenhagen (2007)

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards


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