Doranne Alden

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the last summer flowers, 28/10/10 Ecoline Liquid Watercolour © Doranne Alden
Summer Fruit, 2009 Ecoline 30cmx22cm Sold © Doranne Alden
First winter Crocus, Oct 2010 Ecoline Approx 30 X 42 Cm © Doranne Alden
The summer bouquet, Oct 2010 Ecoline Approx 30 X 40 Cm
abstract pears, 2010 Ecoline Approx 70x25cm © Doranne Alden
Coffee break, 2010 Ecoline Approx 25 X 70cm © Doranne Alden
Maltese apples, 2010 Ecoline © Doranne Alden
Reflections..., 2010 Ecoline © Doranne Alden
Lemons, 2010 Ecoline © Doranne Alden
Hyacinth in glass bowl, 2010 Ecoline © vibrant, bold, positive, Expressionist, impressionist, ecoline liquid watercolour, flowers, hyacinth, winter, watercolour, Still life modern, traditional, mixed-media, painting
the blue glass vase, 2010 Ecoline © Doranne Alden
Honeysuckle, 2010 Ecoline © Doranne Alden
Maltese traditional garden, 2010 Ecoline © Doranne Alden
Cala, 2010 Ecoline And Watercolour Crayons © Doranne Alden
Apples , 2010 Gouache © Doranne Alden
3 lemons on blue, 2010 Ecoline And Watercolour Crayons © Doranne Alden
Lemons from Annette, 2010 Ecoline © Doranne Alden
Apple pie, 2010 Ecoline © Doranne Alden
Tomatoes for Fran, sold
Flower vendor Ecoline And Watercolour Crayons A3
Apples for Barbara Ecoline Sold © Doranne Alden
Easter Bouquet, sold Ecoline A3 © Doranne Alden
Apples , 2009 Ecoline © Doranne Alden
Reflections, 2010 Ecoline Liquid Watercolour © Doranne Alden
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ecoline artist modern, colourist, watercolourist landscape traditional, figurative, exhibition/performance

Apples on pedestal dish
Doranne's expression is passionate, emotional, spontaneous and impulsive. She is an expressionist and overflows with sentiment, feeling and emotion. Her expression vibrates with dynamic energy and tensile strength, is temperamental and contagious in mood.

2 pears
She loves vibrant and vivacious colour as an end in itself and not as a means to an end. Her composition is built on colour contrasts and dramatic ‘chiaroscuro'. She admires Van Gogh, Cezanne and Matisse and prefers genre especially still life mainly fruit and flowers, landscape, folkloristic and traditional scenes and occasionally caricature of humble and lowly folk which she inherits from her father Albert Caruana.

womens day bouquet
(2008 Woman's Day Bouquet', ‘Corpu) reveals the artist's serious academic preparation, discipline and graphic definition while her artistic talents come to the fore and exposed, so explicit, as to be impossible to pass unnoticed. The work is highly influenced by Cezanne especially the latter's perspective vision that bounces outward from the background. This excellent work emphasizes Doranne's potential and possibilities and intimates a beckoning future.



Among her landscapes ‘Venice' and the ‘Bell Monument' are characteristic of her graphic talent.

Thomas Wellens in the Weilheim Tablett wrote ‘natural without being too realistic'. The epithet ‘little jewels of art' was coined by a writer for the Amersee Kurier and Marika Azzopardi wrote locally with reference to ‘pears': ‘warmth and mouth-watering mellowness' (Weekender, Times of Malta). Doranne has become well know for her deep blue seas. Her art is exuberant and extravagant. Her fruit are lush, fresh and juicy while her flowers are seductive and sensual. She creates a world so sumptuous, marvelous, organic and pulsating. It is felt.

Doranne is hardly a new face on the local scene as she started participating in collective shows since 1990 almost twenty years ago though she lived for almost eight years in Bavaria.



1990 Malta International Trade Fair Exhibition
1991 Women`s Collective Art Exhibition - Malta Chamber of Commerce
1991 Photographic Exhibiton (collective) held at Ta`Cenc Hotel Gozo
1994 Art Exhibition in Victoria, Gozo
1994 Art Exhibition - National Heritage Association (Din L`Art Helwa)- Malta
1995 Cathedral Museum Art Exhibition - Mdina - Malta
1995 Local Council Exhibition - Swieqi - Malta
1996 Art Exhibition - National Heritage Association (Din L`Art Helwa) - Malta
1996 Collective Society of Art and Manufacture Annual Art Exhibition - Malta
1996 Collective Exhibition at Murnau Townhall - Germany
1997 First Solo Exhibition at `Gasthof Zur Post` in Wessoburn - Germany
1998 Joint Exhibition at Townhall in Tutzing - Germany
1999 Agenda 21 - Collective Exhibition at townhall in Tutzing - Germany
1999 Starnberger Townhall Collective Exhibition - Germany

2000 Society of Art and Manufacture Malta
2001 Starnberger Townhall Collective - Germany
2001 Second Solo - Golden Tulip - Art Hotel, Vienna - Austria
2001 Silver Palette - Malta
2001 International Trade Fair - Malta
2001 Heidelberg Scholosswienstube Collective of Maltese Artists - Germany
2001 Collective Art Exhibition of Maltese Artists, Adelaide - Australia
2002 Salesians Collecitive Exhibition - Marsa - Malta
2005 The Mystery of Easter - Salesian Brothers Sliema - Malta
2005 VeeGeeBee Summer Exhibition
2005 VeeGeeBee Christmas Exhibition
2006 Silver Palette Competition - Valletta - Malta
2006 VeeGeeBee Summer Exhibition
2006 34U June Exhibition
2006 International Trade Fair - Collective Exhibition - Malta
2006 34U Malta Heritage Headquarters - Valletta - Malta
2006 Art Walk Round Mdina Exhibition - Malta
2007 Malta Trade Fair Exhibition
2007 Rotta ta'l Arti Mdina Malta
2008 February - New Faces at Gallery G, Lija, Malta

2008 - 12 September - First Joint Exhibition in Malta - along with Watercolourist Mr Albert Caruana - at Gallery G - Lija Malta
2008 Dec Solo Exhibition - Passau - Germany
2008 DEC Collective 'the last five years' at Gallery G
2009 Solo Exhibition - March - 'Glimpses' German Circle - Valletta Malta
2009 MAY Joint exhibition - COLLECTIONS - Albert J. Caruana & daughter Doranne Alden at Le Meridien Hotel, Balluta Bay, MALTA
2009 Filigree - Tradition & Innovation - Exhibition of Maltese Filigree Jewellery
A Collobration of Artists along with Filigree Artists Kevin Attard & Charmaine Gerada October 8 – November 11 2009  Palazzo Castellania, Upper Merchants Street, Valletta
2010 - 9th January - 31 st January E9-2-E99 collective exhibition at Exhibitions Hall - Gozo
2010 - Collective May - Unity in Diversity - Palazzo De la Salle, Valletta - Malta
2010/11 - Solo - Dec - Feb - Intercontinental Hotel - Bay Street - St.Julian's - Malta