Florian Hafele

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Title: Untitled Material: Wood, Paint, Date: 2009 Dimensions: 23 x 14 x 21cm Pvc, Paint 16 X 20 X 13 Cm © Florian Hafele
Untitled, 2009 Pvc, Paint 39 X 22 X 35 Cm © Florian Hafele
Untitled, 2009 Pvc, Paint 27 X 22 X 13 Cm © Florian Hafele
Anna, 2008 Mixed Media Sculpture 400 X 280 X 110 Cm © Florian Hafele
Champion, 2007 Mixed Media Sculpture 170 X 80 X 100 Cm © Florian Hafele
Untitled, 2008 Pvc, Paint 14 X 9,5 X 26 Cm © Florian Hafele
Untitled, 2008 Photo Collage 29,5 X 21 Cm © Florian Hafele
Untitled, 2008 Photo Collage 29,5 X 21 Cm © Florian Hafele
Quick Facts

The central theme of artist Florian Hafele, born 1979, is the observation of the body, which reflects many questions about our social environment and its related phenomena. Hafele’s work translates into sculptures of deformed creatures, human as well as object, which develop a multi-interpretable essence through various contortions.
Embracing this aspect a variety of his works deal with performance in our social environment like the “Champion” which is a synonym for the over-strained human, in an achievement oriented society, or the exhausted tools which treat themselves to a break. “Champion” can be read as an euphoric tribute to the football/basketball artists or on the other hand as an over-bred high-performance athlete, who’s headless existence echoes the single dimension of his specific, trivial reality.
Hafele's sculptural language usually focuses on one primary question; performance, which, when changing perspective, leads to a multitude of alternative views, interpretations and concluding questions. Consequently this enables the observer to continuously re-discover the sculpture, opening divergent ways of reading its context.

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