Kasia Turajczyk

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In the inflamed eye of the beholder, 2010 Acrylics On Canvas 100 Cm X 100 Cm © kasia b.t.
The blueberry eye, 2009 Acrylics On Canvas 90cm X 90 Cm © kasia b.t.
Metropolis III - Death and Taxes, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 90 Cm X 90 Cm © k.b.turajczyk
Metropolis alias Moloch, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 80cm X 80 Cm © kbturajczyk
The freedom of thinking, freedom of choices, 2009 Oil And Acrylic On Canvas; 6 Panels 120 X 120 Cm © kbturajczyk
Metropolis and the loser , 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 80 Cm X 80 Cm X 4 Cm
My past and my future , 2004/2009 Oil On Canvas, Paper, Wirels, Canvas, Weed 80 Cm X 60 Cm X 5 © kasia b.t
The wonderful life of a Bay Leaf, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas, Two Panels, By Leaves 100 Cm X 120 Cm © kasia b.t
Boltzmann Brain, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 120 Cm X 100 Cm © boltzmann brain, physic, science, universe
OK, you made your point!, 2009 Digital/ Photos © kasia b.t
The true story of the cat, the tree and the bird, 2009 Acrylic, Leaves, Weed, Feathers 50,2 Cm X 40,8 Cm © kasia b.t
For Haiti with love, 2010 Acrylics On Board, Cds, Seeds, Weird Stuff 120cm X 100cm X 5 © k.b.turajczyk
The story of the mouse, thatched cottage and Dunchideock, April 2010 Acrylics, Photo, Plants, Thatch, Seeds, Cd, Weird Stuff 70 X 60 © kasiaturajczyk
Quick Facts
Birth year
Lives in
Dunchideock, Exeter
Works in
Dunchideock, Exeter
Representing galleries
World Fine Art Gallery, New York; Scottish Art Exchange

I believe that we are here on this planet by accident and not for long, actually. And because our existence is meaningless we shouldn't take ourselves so damn seriously. If we could do this our lives would be 100% more tolerable. Our duty is to be happy, honest and free. Free in our minds. I hope I express this way of thinking in my paintings.

I am a very independent person, and probably my paintings are too. Not difficult, but every painting is different. There is not only one style that I like to work in.

I have lived in several countries and I travel a lot and all the aspects and characters and cultures of the diverse countries, people and landscapes have a big influence on my development and growth as an artist.

I have painted my whole life but I never made a full-time occupation of being an artist. However, from 2003 I have decided to do so. I spend most of my time painting and writing, and I regularly exhibit my paintigs and publish my poems (including several radio interviews and my own poetry readings).


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