Tom Henderson Smith

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About creating Lived-in Landscapes

Lived-in landscapes (see all the work at What guided my approach to image making in creating this collection was a fascination with all those aspects of landscape that suggest human presence. Having a stronger than ever awareness of this aspect as I roamed the countryside led me to see it as what I'm calling a Lived-in Landscape. This all started with realising that the theme of a cluster of buildings, that had featured in some of the pieces that made up my previous... [more]
Posted by Tom Henderson Smith on 3/10/10

Space is power in art

I got to the Tate Modern at last yesterday. I'm based in West Cornwall (but have to be listed as an artist under London on this site which only seems to recognise cities as art venues). Cornwall's a great place to live and paint but even with improving transport links getting to Landon is a rare treat for me. Of course we have our own branch of the Tate in St Ives but as I say at last I got to visit the converted power station that works brilliantly as a Mega Gallery for 20th and 21st century... [more]
Posted by Tom Henderson Smith on 9/22/09