Helen Bayly

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It's All Good, 2015
Paisley with Word Search, 2015
The Time of My Life, 2015
Banana Flavor, 2015
Hey Sexy Cheezeburger, 2015
Atomic Northern Lights, 2015
Great White Shark, 2015
Plaid with Birds, 2015
Mary Magdalene & Jesus Skull Bong, 2013 Pen And Acrylic Wash On Paper 8.5 X 11 Inches © Helen Bayly
Talk Dirty Cheezeburger, 2015
BFF's, 2015
My Girl Hotdog, 2015
Give Me What I Can't Have, 2015
Partyshame Afterlife, 2015
X (peaches), 2015
URA DICK, 2015 Mixed Media 40inx30inx16in
Pineapple Flavor, 2015 30inx40in
Pucker (smiley face), 2015 10inx10in
Canary with Branch, 2016 22inx30in
Hands, 2015 12inx12in
X (flower), 2014 10inx10in
CLASSIC PLASTIC (installation view), 2016
CLASSIC PLASTIC (installation view), 2016
CLASSIC PLASTIC (installation view), 2016 Hand Painted Found Object
C3PO, 2016 12inx12in
CLASSIC PLASTIC (installation view), 2016
Darth Vader with Flowers, 2016 12inx12in
Twins, 2014 23inx35in
Nerd Love, 2015 10inx10in
X (woman), 2014 10inx10in
Partyshame Afterlife (Coors and Firecrackers), 2015 10inx10in
Smiley Face, 2015 10inx10in
Sexy Cheezeburger (nice tits), 2015 10inx10in
Pool Toy, 2015 10inx10in
Constellation (the bird), 2015 10inx10in
Quick Facts
Santa Cruz, Ca
Birth year
Lives in
San Francisco
Works in
San Francisco
San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)

Helen Bayly Artist Statement
Raised on Promises
In my most recent body of work, Raised on Promises, I wanted to convey a unique testimonial
about my proximity to American Values.
I have been drawn to expressing myself visually since I was quite a young girl. Painting has
given me the platform to investigate and flush out my surroundings, to look deeper at the rich
visual language that speaks to me. I feel there are lessons to be learned, and mysteries to be
solved. With each new series I am compelled to expose a layer of human behavior,
and thusly myself by way of observer, all the while producing an artifact to share as a milestone.
Although my educational background boasts more concept than technique, I have been
attracted to classical representations of beauty, to the era of Art when depiction was king.
I often times begin at this point, using widely agreed upon visual elements of beauty, of Dutch floral
still lifes and Victorian nudes. My restless, rebellious nature then theorizes what the truth
behind the beauty might be. I find extravagant methods to express mundane and humorous
sentiments. This fits perfectly with my American Values.
I see this country as a teenager. It is established by more experienced cultures. It's loud, and
cheap, inexperienced and despite all of that, it's totally sexy. It's ripe with opinion and dispute.
I want this body of work to be that, to be bold and humorous, to be rooted in nostalgia and
completed by a contemporary narrative.

By carefully  blending the bits and pieces together, I paint a naration. I continually find joy and
comanionship in the work. I listen for the next direction, waitng for the next piece of my
experiential puzzle to queitly fall into place. Raised on promises, born to ride, and free to be me.



Artist Resume

Upcoming 2015: EXXpectations, Cornell Museum of Art, FL
              Book release: Making Firends with the Devil
Raised on Promises, Solo Exhibition, White Walls Gallery, SF
Lush Life, Group Exhibtion, Roq la Rue Gallery, WA
In the Way of Beauty, Group Exhibition, Parlor Gallery, NJ
Verdant, Group Exhibition, Modern Eden Gallery, SF
Hospitality House Art Auction, White Walls Gallery, SF
Give Me What I Cant' Have, White Walls Gallery, Project Space Solo Exhibition, SF
Mike Shine and the Hell Brewers, Group Exhibition, ArtWorks Gallery, San Rafael
Two, Group Exhibition, Good Mother Gallery, Oakland
Driftwood Salon, Group Exhibition, SF
Gauntlet Gallery 1 Year Anniversary, Group Exhibition, SF
Modern Eden Gallery, Group Gxhibition, SF
Coaster Show, Luz de la Jesus Gallery, Group Exhibition, Los Angeles
Winter Group Exhibition, White Walls Gallery, Group Exhibition, SF
Parlor Gallery, Group Exhibition, New Jersey
Making Friends with the Devil, Solo Exhibit, LeQuiVive Gallery, Oakland
I <3 Louis Viutton, Group Exhibition, Shooting Gallery, SF
Tarot, Warholian Anniversary Show,  Modern Eden Gallery, SF
10 Year Anniversary Group Exhibition,  White Walls
Reflections, Group Exhibition, Gauntlet Gallery, SF
New Paintings by Helen Bayly, Consecutive Solo, Loakal Gallery,Oakland CA
A Simple Collective Launch, Consecutive Solo Exhibition, SF
Venice, Group Exhibition, Modern Eden Gallery, SF
Aqua Art, Group Exhibition, Art Fair, Miami FL
Carpe Diem, 24 Hour Mural Painting Exhibition/Performance, Oakland, CA
Bad Dads, Group Exhibition, Spoke Art, Nob Hill, SF
Yerba Buena Night, Selected Artist for YB Gardens Installation
Day of the Dead Exhibition, SOMArts, SF
Lust for Life, Solo Exhibition,  Lopo Gallery, Tenderloin, SF
Dark Art, Modern Eden,Group Exhibition, North Beach, SF
Live Drawing Event, Cartoon Art Museum, Mission St, SF
California Academy of Sciences Museum, Pop Up Exhibition, Golden Gate Park, SF
Astro Studios, Group Exhibition, SOMA, SF
Days to Come, Group Exhibition, 5 Claude Lane Gallery, Union Square, SF
Menagerie, Group Exhibition, Modern Eden Gallery, North Beach, SF
Sketch Tuesday, 111Minna Gallery, Featured Artist, SF
Live Painting, Yerba Buena Art in the Alley Celebration, Mission St, SF
Origins, Solo Exhibition, Lopo Gallery, Polk St, SF
Vacancy, Pop Up Group Exhibition, 1200 Polk St, SF
Art Auction for the Coalition for Homelessness, SOMA Arts Center, SF
454 Columbus, Group Exhibition, 454 Gallery, North Beach SF debut Art Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Project One Gallery, SF
Cats, Group Exhibition, Space Gallery, Polk St, SF
Meaningless, Indoor Mural Installation collaboration with Akira Beard, Shooting Gallery, SF
Monster Show, Group Exhibition, Project One Gallery, SF
Sketch Tuesday Featured Artist, 111 Minna Gallery,

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