Ian Factor

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Curtain Call, 2009 Oil On Canvas 24" X 18" © Ian Factor 2009
Sleeping Lady Of Malta, 2009 O Il On Canvas 36" X 48" © Ian Factor 2009
Via Cecco Angiolieri, Siena Italy, 2009 Oil On Canvas 24" X 30" © Ian Factor 2009
Palio Prova, Siena Italy, July 2007, 2008 O Il On Canvas 30" X 40" © Ian Factor 2009
Fireside, 2009 O Il On Canvas 18" X 14" © Ian Factor 2009
After The Bath, 2009 Oil On Canvas 24" X 18" © Ian Factor 2009
Flower Market, 2008 Oil On Canvas 16" X 20" © Ian Factor 2009
The Flower Goddess, 2009 Oil On Canvas 34" X 54" © 2009
The Rialto Bridge, Venice, 2009 Oil On Canvas 30" X 24" © Ian Factor 2009
Out Of The Corner, Palio Prova, Siena Italy, July 2007, 2008 Oil On Canvas 18" X 24" © Ian Factor 2009
Cym Lowell Portrait Study, 2008 Oil On Canvas 30" X 24" © Ian Factor 2009
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New York City
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New York City
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Copley Society of Art, National Arts Club NY, Gallery 55
mixed-media, arts-education, installation, guild, landscape, collective, modern, traditional, studio-lofts, photography, digital, figurative, FOUNDATION, gallery, conceptual, sculpture, exhibition/performance

Ian Factor Solo Exhibition :
"A Celebration In Four Parts - Landscapes, Figures, Interiors and Portraits"

Saturday, August 8th, 2009, 6pm will be the Opening Reception. It will be held at the Backstage Gallery at Deertrees in Harrison Maine @ 162 Deertrees Road, Harrison, Maine 04040 • (p) 207.583.6747 ( The show will be up for the entire month of August through Labor Day, and the schedule for the gallery (currently being updated) can be found at the above link to the gallery website.

"This exhibition features Ian Factor's reactions and interpretations of four aspects that have attracted and inspired him...landsapes, figures, interiors and portraits. He is showing approximately 50 paintings in oil and watercolor, as well as sketches and drawings created over the past year. His work reflects his travels from Italy and Portugal, to Maine and New York City. His reaction and energy, coupled with a lively technique enabled him to present his views of the people and places that inspired him. Share and enjoy Ian's interactions though his artist's eye, painted with devotion and love. Ian Factor's exhibit is filled with images that will delight the spirit and stimulate the imagination."

-Everett Raymond Kinstler, N. A.

Ian Factor Bio:


Ian Factor was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and began traditional training in figure drawing, painting and sculpture at the age of eight. He studied at the DeCordova Museum School in Lincoln Massachusetts, the Museum of Fine Arts School and Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Factor earned his BFA from the School of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University in New York. After a residency at the Rocky Neck Art Colony in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Factor spent several years travelling and producing work throughout the United States. An instructor for 5 years at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts, Factor also worked heavily in the commercial art field through 1998 producing illustrations, murals and designs for corporate clients including Burton Snowboards, Timberland Outdoor Gear, Converse Footwear, Magic Hat Brewery, Vail Associates, Bank Boston(Fleet Bank) and IBM.

In February 2000 Factor returned from a year long painting residency in Italy and Spain where he had 2 solo shows and one group exhibition in Florence, and painted several commissioned portraits for collectors from Germany, Italy and the United States. During another extended trip to Italy that began in February 2001, Factor produced over 100 plein air paintings and drawings on paper and canvas in under 2 months that culminated in his 2nd solo exhibition in Portland, Maine. During the early part of 2000 he completed many commission portraits for such clients as Mr. Aldon James, Jr. the President of The National Arts Club in New York. In January, 2001, Factor produced a series of drawings and paintings from a collaboration with the “Lunch Hour Theatre” group in New York which highlights such actors as Marlo Thomas, Rita Moreno, Cliff Robertson, Kate Burton, Keith Randall Smith, Jared Harris and Elaine Stritch. This was his first of many projects with the National Arts Club where he is an Exhibiting Artist Member.

In August 2003 Factor completed 5 large canvases of the highly respected and revered Martial Arts and Qigong Master Yang, Jwing Ming of Taiwan, along with a Portrait completed on location at the Jamaica Plain Headquarters. All of the Works are now hanging in the permanent collection of YMAA. In September 2003 Factor spent a month in Paris gathering reference for a body of work exhibited at the Karen Lynne Gallery in Los Angeles, the Caesarea Gallery in Boca Raton, and Du`e Gallery in Portland, Maine. In March 2003 he also spent 10 intensive days in London with the international dance and movement choreographer Philip Bottomley (Felipe) completing 2 portraits from life and dozens of studies of the London scene. Another 5 week trip to London, Italy, Amsterdam and France in June 2005 added to the body of work for Factor’s Solo Exhibition at Gallery 55 in Natick Ma, September 2005. A four week "Artist in Residence" at the Spannocchia Foundation's 1200 acre preservation farmland in Siena, Italy in 2006 manifested in 14 oils and dozens of drawings done on location. Through 2006 Factor continued to host live painting demonstrations and workshops as well; the "Young Collectors-The Copley Circle" live portrait demonstration at the Copley Society was but one of these such events.

Factor moved from Portland Maine to Siena Italy in late 2006 to establish a Painting Program at the Siena School for Fine and Liberal Arts, where he taught Painting and Drawing.  In Early 2008 he moved to a studio in Gramercy Park, NYC where he currently lives and works. His studio overlooks the beautiful Gramercy Park where many great and important American Painters such as Robert Henri (The Art Spirit), James Montgomery Flagg, Frank Dumont, Everett Raymond Kinstler and Will Barnett have lived and worked. 

Since his arrival in NY Factor has completed 3 Portraits for the permanent collection of the Players Club, NY (George Abbott, John Drew and Walter Hampden) and is currently on the Art committee of this prestigious and historical landmark. He has also continued to work along side his dear friend and mentor Mr. Everett Raymond Kinstler, and assists him with his 2 day painting workshops at the National Academy and the Art Student's League of NY. Factor has also recently continued his extended travels painting and drawing in Prague, Portugal, Portland Oregon, the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Lakes Region of Southern Maine. 

Factor believes that his more than 28 years of dedication to the study and teaching of traditional martial arts directly influences every mark he puts down on canvas and paper. His work in one art constantly effects the other through the cycle of: Awareness, learning, absorption, total comprehension, and ultimately letting go of technique, ego and self. Through the connection of mind, body, breath, spirit, and the relationship and harmony with the life rhythms of nature, the physical paintings that arrive are a direct manifestation of the state of mind at the instant these connections are made. Factor also travels and teaches as a Regional Consultant for Body Mind Systems® and passes down this knowledge and these principles through a traditional lineage of Martial and Healing Arts to Instructors and Students around the world.

The patterns of order and structure found in nature are the foundation to his pictorial design and composition (Sacred Geometry, Phi, Golden Proportions, etc). His process of working is the pursuit of a moment, a series of moments and ultimately a perpetual state of existence in perfect “nothingness”; the fine and delicate balance between complete control and simultaneous abandonment of everything conscious and unconscious, physical and mental, emotional and spiritual, knowledgeable and intuitive. This is his constant challenge. His images and marks are the records of his search for the attainment of this state of being as well as a documentation of his perceptions of the physical events, objects and people around him. 

Into a world that, at times, appears to be coming apart at the seams, over-inundated and saturated with turmoil, violence, intolerance and upheaval, Factor's work weaves the threads of beauty, passion and the human spirit.

“I am not searching only to explain my own theories and opinions to others, alone. I am searching for the common ties and lines between all human beings that break down all barriers, walls and separations, and am searching for the means and techniques to bring these commonalities to the minds, hearts and emotions of every person who makes contact with these works. The supreme ultimate is to transcend all cultural and personal relativity, to link all human beings together.”