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Documentary Interview with John Paul Thornton

John Paul Thornton was classically trained at the Otis Parsons School of Design and California State University at Northridge, where he received his B.A and further training working with two legendary artists Hans Burkhardt and Saul Bernstein. During his studies, they challenged John to find a true purpose to his art making. John reflects, “Their message was paint your time and to connect with things that are universal and could appear in any time period historically, but find in your period... [more]
Posted by Veronica Aberham on 9/3/11

Interview with Willie Middlebrook Video Interview by Los Angeles filmmaker Veronica Aberham We are pleased to present Willie Middlebrook, an award winning photographer, whose work, from the 1970s to the present, is a historical record of the American culture. The 1965 Los Angeles riot ripped apart the progress made thus far by the civil rights movement, causing more problems and poverty in the growing African American community. Just when a seed of hope had emerged, many felt they... [more]
Posted by Veronica Aberham on 7/2/11

Interview with Judithe Hernández

  Ms. Hernández’s life has been dedicated to the arts, furthering the social causes for both Mexican Americans (Chicanos) and Latin American women for forty years. Her work facilitates feelings of empowerment, undoing the adverse effects of decades of abuse, stigmatization, and racial injustice. Through her motivational murals and artwork, what she refers to as her “image support”, people gain the benefits and appreciation for their culture. Judithe’s association with Carlos... [more]
Posted by Veronica Aberham on 3/31/11

Video Interview with Sam Erenberg

  VIEW VIDEO INTERVIEW Video Interview by Los Angeles filmmaker Veronica Aberham Sam Erenberg has created challenging work using narratives that constantly push us to explore history, eastern philosophy, the kabala, mysticism and how these converge in language and in visual form. Since graduating from Chouinard Art Institute in the 1960’s, Erenberg has explored many forms of expression. “It started with the alternative space movement, artists were starting to use new and different... [more]
Posted by Veronica Aberham on 1/31/11

Fumiko Amano: Dreams Series

  Fumiko Amano’s artwork comes from the inspiration of Beat Generation writers and poets, and music and noises from urban street life. Growing up in Tokyo in the 1970s, Fumiko traveled to the states in the late 1980s to attend the University of Wisconsin. Her initial plan was to return to Tokyo after collecting scripts in the United States to study at the MOCA experimental theatre in Tokyo. However while studying painting and printmaking, Fumiko found her true expression in the fine arts. “I... [more]
Posted by Veronica Aberham on 12/2/10

David Buckingham: A Life and Career Salvaged

David Buckingham’s background fuels his current work. Graduating from Loyola University in New Orleans in 1984 with a BA in Communications, David naturally gravitated to a career in advertising, where he served as a writer and creative director from 1985 to 2005. It was during his time in New York when he ran into the Rivington school gang and their founder, Ray Kelly. “It was funny, I just ran into Ray by accident and he took me to his basement on Broom Street and gave me a five-minute... [more]
Posted by Veronica Aberham on 9/1/10

Dominique Moody Shares Her Life Journey

Assemblage artist, Dominique Moody, was born to a life of struggle, with her parents working to shelter their children in a Jim Crow South, and determined not to allow racism to undermine their children’s growth and potential. Dominique was encouraged early to prize opportunity, to develop an independence of mind and spirit, to grow into a person of intense drive and persistence. She is a storyteller, sharing with us her life’s progression, her strengths, and the mojo that powers her... [more]
Posted by Veronica Aberham on 8/1/10

Video Interview: Joan Carl - Art, A Way Of Life

Joan Carl has spent a life enjoying what she loves most: sculpting with hands, seeing with eyes, feeling the crevasses of hard wood, shaping materials until they speak as she says.In her joyous reflections of youth, she shares the secret that ignites her heart: family and community are at the core. Other concerns — war and hate, space and refuge, the frustration of observing and not controlling — are present too but are under-girded by the hope of community, of banding together, of love. For... [more]
Posted by Veronica Aberham on 6/19/10

Video Interview: Mary Heebner, Intimacies

Mary Heebner, an American artist has been connected to the power of the natural world for most of her artistic career, observing exotic landscapes, working with earth and water, with minerals and pigments, or anything that dissolves in water.  She manipulates textures and handmade papers to communicate the beauty and knowledge she has acquired.  For Mary, art is all about finding line and shape.  Much like a cave artist, she crafts her work through spatters and spills, looking within... [more]
Posted by Veronica Aberham on 4/1/10

Video Interview: Toni Scott, A Bloodline to Africa

Growing up, Toni Scott struggled with self-perception as an interracial woman with Black, White, and Native American heritages. This juxtaposition ignited hostilities between ethnicities, fueled by her frustration to fit in. Instead of relying solely on this tension, Toni found inspiration in the richness of her history and in four generations of artists and musicians.  Even her father’s handyman nature provided inspiration for her varied art career, showing that making with one’s hands... [more]
Posted by Veronica Aberham on 3/1/10

Video Interview: Lisa Adams, Beyond Abstraction

Lisa Adams, a Los Angeles based public artist and painter,  paints colored-rich yet calm and deep nature scenes. Ms. Adams' has a teaching background at the University of Southern California, the Claremont Graduate University, Otis College of Art & Design and overseas at the University of Ljubljana, Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Slovenia. She is the co-founder of the exhibition space “Crazy Space” and is thee author of FM, a how-to book on painting. She is currently represented by... [more]
Posted by Veronica Aberham on 11/1/09

Video Interview: Kim Abeles: Seeks the Truth within our Global Landscape

For thirty years artist Kim Abeles has work to raise social consciousness through her art. Her boundless appetite seeks new and inspired connections among art, science, and technology. Here she finds awkward truths within the American landscape: flaws in contemporary mores, the struggles between our needs and the needs of the environment in urban L.A., in America and across the globe.She brings to bear extensive empirical research, informed feministic views and ethnographic sensibilities. Her... [more]
Posted by Veronica Aberham on 8/31/09

Video Interview: Patricia Correia, The Art of Dealing

Patricia Correia’s passion for the arts started in the late 1970s when she was marketing the glass art designs of her brother Steven Correia. Her innovative marketing approaches created a new American market for contemporary decorative art and spearheaded the movement of luxury glass art found at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Harrods, and Cartier. Within a few years Correia Art Glass (CAG) became a multi-million dollar business with wide presence, and attained respectability in... [more]
Posted by Veronica Aberham on 8/1/09

Video Interview: Guillermo Esparza, An American Iconographer

In this interview Guillermo Esparza opens up the exclusive world of traditional Byzantine Iconography and shares his discoveries and techniques. The influences of classical architecture, of his extensive religious and ecumenical studies, keep alive an ancient canon, painted in pigments freshly ground and mixed by hand in medieval tradition. His path to Iconographer was long and arduous: thousands of brush stokes, years of constant study at the Morgan Library and at the General... [more]
Posted by Veronica Aberham on 6/1/09

Video Interview: Folk Artist Kent Twitchell Talks about His Career as L.A. Muralist

For over 40 years, folk artist Kent Twitchell has shared with the people of Los Angeles artwork in the form of large-scale murals several stories tall with photorealistic precision of people he most admires. People pass by his painted murals decade after decade admiring his work. His work is a time capsule that lasts not long before his work gets destroyed by the weather, taggers, and building owners that want to change the colorful walls and Twitchell’s work is forever gone. This is the... [more]
Posted by Veronica Aberham on 2/1/09