Audri Phillips

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Why Do Tigers Hunt Alone, 2009 Painting/Sculpture 6 Ft By 2 Ft. By 8 Inches © ©2009 Audri Phillips
Wall Dreams, 2006 Oil Painting On Masonite 7 Ft. By 3 Ft. © ©2007 Audri Phillips
Canoe, 2010 Digital Painting/Print 9 By 12 Inches © ©2010 Audri Phillips
Winged Escape, 2010 Digital Art © © 2010 Audri Phillips
Grass Hopper, 2009 Digital Art © © 2010 Audri Phillips
When, 2008 Digital Art © © 2010 Audri Phillips
Umbrella Kites, 2010 Digital Art © © 2010 Audri Phillips
Renaissance lady, 2003 © © 2003 Audri Phillips
Quick Facts
video-art, digital, sculpture, exhibition/performance

Audri Phillips is a Los Angeles based artist/poet currently working in a variety of mediums that range from computer animation and motion graphics to her more personal work, oil paintings, digital prints, and experimental animation/video art (visual poetry).

Always interested in new tools she has been a pioneer of  digital fine art.

A founding member of the Los Angeles Abstract Film Group, Alternate Sight and a member of  the Iota Center she has shown her personal digital videos/experimental animations at film festivals, such as ,2010 International Film Festival Ireland,  Not Still Art, Siggraph and the Los Angeles Film Forum at the Egyptian theater. Pacific Design Center..

She has also exhibited her oil paintings and digital work at a number of galleries in the Los Angeles area such as Upstairs at the Market Street Gallery, Pacific Design Center with Paul Young, The Los Angeles Rental and Sales Gallery, Site Gallery, The Director's Guild, The Downey Museum of Art, The El Pueblo gallery, Finegood Art Gallery, White Oak Art Association,Van Gogh's Ear, Carlotta's Passion, LACDA, and  DreamWorks Feature Animation gallery.


While working  for over 20 years as an artist/digital artist in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles she has never stopped making and exhibiting her own personal work as that is her true calling. Working in the entertainment industry has given her an advance d knowledge of software that she has been able to use to advantage in her own work.  She has worked  at such large studios as Disney Feature Animation, Sony Imageworks,  DreamWorks Feature Animation, Rhythm and Hues, Digital Domain, and Electronic Arts as well as a number of small design boutiques.  Her production experience includes art direction/design/visual development /storyboards/color and lighting/efx/layout/modeling/compositing.


No stranger to teaching she has been a digital educator/online content creator at Intel, Disney, Dreamworks and She has taught art and the digital arts as an adjunct professor at different universities and colleges in the LA area, such as Otis, Studio Arts, Chaffey Community College, Academy of Art San Francisco. Currently she is happily an adjunct professor at Woodbury University.