Terry Lee Dill

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Einstein Space Sphere, 2012 Mixed 36" X 4" X 18" © Terry Lee Dill 2012
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Los Angeles
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Los Angeles
University of Iowa- Sculpture, 1976, Masters of Art
University of Iowa- Sculpture, 1976, Masters of Art
Cranbrook Academy of Art
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LA Art Lab
ARCHITECTURAL/SCULPTURE installation drawing sculpture

Terry Lee Dill was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, he had lived in over thirty-seven states by the age of seven. He finally settled in Iowa and won a series, of art scholarships through high school at the Des Moines Art Center. After high school he worked on heavy construction building one the first nuclear power plants. He became the assistant the head structural engineer. Within a year, the head engineer, his mentor recommended him to return to college. He had learned about the dangers nuclear power and the potential radioactive waste that waited for America in the future. He has lectured against Atomic power ever sense. He received his Associate Degree in Architectural Engineering, with honors, He back to art and  received a BFA in painting and sculpture with the first art scholarship awarded at Drake University in Iowa. He was offered a full scholarship, teaching assistantship, research grant at the University of Iowa and earned MA and MFA in Sculpture –Cum Laude in a three year program. He moved directly to New York City and created a series of small maquettes for large scale sculpture. He later produced a number these sculptures and architectural pieces. He was the first person to ever win two- New York Foundation on the Arts in Fellowships in both sculpture and architecture and won a third time several years later. He has lectured on his work at fifty different universities around the country including Stanford, Yale and Harvard, he has had a dozen one-person shows. He moved to Detroit and earned his MA in Architecture from Cranbrook Academy of Art and has taught at College for Creative Studies for over four years. He continues to work on commissioned art projects, developing architectural concepts like the new design of the smallest house in LA, and the making of a series of gold leaf drawings about word definitions in his studio in LA.