Jon Coffelt

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Mayan Circuitry Fetish Duct Tape On Tyvek 51x51" (129.5cm X 129.5cm) © @joncoffelt
Quetzalcoatl Duct Tape On Tyvek 51x51" (129.5cm X 129.5cm) © @joncoffelt
Space One Duct Tape On Vellum 60x72" (152.5cm X 183cm) © @joncoffelt
Watermelon Acrylic On Canvas 12x12" (31.5 X31.5 Cm) © @joncoffelt
Scapes/Wellen 05, 2014 Duct Tape On Paper 19x19" (48.5 X 48.5 Cm) © @joncoffelt
Abstraktes Bild 02, 2013 Duct Tape On Paper 19x19" (48.5 X 48.5 Cm) © @joncoffelt
Metallic Gold Coil (Slinky) Conte On Rives Arches Paper 36x36" (91.5 X.91.5 Cm) © @joncoffelt
Popol Vu Consold (Mayan), 2012 Duct Tape On Tyvek 28x39" © @joncoffelt
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Middle Tennessee State University, 1984
University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB), 1986
Auburn University, 1986
Representing galleries
IAO Projects (Salt Lake City), Hadyn Shaughnessy Gallery (County Cork, Ireland), Bryant Street Gallery (San Francisco), AMMO Arts (New Orleans), Laserhouse (England), Susan Hensel Gallery (Minneapolis), Rymer Gallery (Nashville), Gallery Gora (Montreal)
formalism, geometric, urban, sculpture, mixed-media, conceptual, pop, digital, graffiti/street-art

I am a full-time artist living and working in downtown Manhattan. I use many different objectives and mediums to make art including appropriation, illustration, book arts, collage, painting and sculpture. As a post-modernist. I consider myself a colorist who works with primarily the ideas of chaos and order. I have been in more than 35 solo and over 150 group exhibitions in many diverse areas including Atlanta, Birmingham, Boston, Brooklyn, Chattanooga, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Miami, Minneapolis and Mobile, Philadelphia, San Francisco as well as, Barcelona, Kyoto, London, Montreal and Tokyo.

In 1984-1987 I was the lead designer for a small firm in Birmingham, AL. At Brindisi, I designed a line of specialty t-shirts utilizing hand-made painting tecniques and training the artists for this project.

In 1984-1985 I designed swimwear for Nora Nash in Birmingham, Alabama dealing mainly in stretch fabrics.

In 1986, I was presented with a “Ten Year Alumnus Award” by Ken Horne of what was then Southern Institute at their first campas in Birmingham, AL. Later this shool would become Virginia college.

In 1986, I was chosen as one of twenty students in a nationwide search to be in an extensive to learn Human Somatometry with the distinguished Helen Douty of Auburn University.

In 1985 through 1987, I collaborated with Willi Smith (Williwear) mostly in design and fabric selection.

From 1993 to 2001, I owned and operated AGNES where I curated more than 80 exhibitions. AGNES opened its doors with a mission statement to raise public awareness about various social issues, including cancer, death, dying, homelessness, ethics, civil rights and AIDS, etc; I have worked with Visual AIDS since "The Electric Blanket" and AGNES hosted it's first World's AIDS Day in 1992.

From 1994 - 1996 I founded and was editor, publisher, Alabama Art Monthly, statewide gallery guide, Birmingham, AL.

In 2002 I moved to New York to concentrate on my art career full-time

I sometimes curate exhibitions for private galleries and not-for-profits.
I currently make my art by painting, sculpting and making artist' books.