Leni Kae

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The 10th Muse, 2010 Oil On Linen © (c) Leni Kae
The Pied Piper of Dreams, 2011 Oil And Fine Acrylic On Linen 111cm X 94cm © (c) Leni Kae
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contemporary, Australian, Australia, colour, colourful modern, figurative

My work integrates semiotics and  colour psychology to produce artworks with powerful subconscious and sensual triggers.

Although I desire each painting to be visually aesthetic and vibrant in colour, it is also a continuing experiment in color science, constantly interacting with new viewers to elicit positive emotions and memories, and invite self evaluation.

I hope in effect to encourage liberation of our sense of self, and a general acceptance and appreciation of the uniting elements of our human existence. There is a beauty that comes from this spirit of ‘unity’, the idea that although we exist as individuals, we are inherently bound by uniting qualities such as human emotion, experience, and dreams.

This sense of unity is beautiful to me, and my idyllic dream for the world to recognise . It’s almost as though each artwork is a wish on a canvas, a search, a piece of truth, a desire, a dream.

People sometimes ask me why I often paint faceless figures. To me, it’s not that the figures are faceless, it’s that they are ‘every face’. They represent us all; and like a blank canvas asking a painter to paint, the blank face begs for the viewer to finish the painting. It asks them to put a piece of themselves into the work, and in doing to see themselves as part of this piece of the universe that I am representing in my work.