Kim Ye

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Amazing iDea,... Nice,... very nice,... :-)
Comment by: Francesko Tolentino on Friday 04/02/10 at 2:23 PM
Hi Kim!!
Hello.I liked your art very much.It is very interesting and unique. I am glad that we all together have the opportunity to see each other works in ArtSlant.Please visit my gallery and vote for me if you are interested in my art. With regards Armen Daneghyan.
Comment by: ARMEN DANEGHYAN on Saturday 04/18/09 at 3:06 AM
Hi Kim
I think i might have seen you in a window display. I like your work. We are all so alienated, that we are joined by our alienation. Which is boring. Please come by and check out my entry in the new showcase. maybe you will like it and vote for it, maybe you will hate it and vote for it. Maybe you you will exercise your Unalienable right to feel nothing and then do nothing. But thanks for looking. whaley
Comment by: Whaley Turco on Friday 04/10/09 at 3:13 AM
very nice.I am 10 years old Artist,plz visit my page.if you think that my work has worth, please vote me. thanx.
Comment by: Haris Imtiyaz Khan on Wednesday 03/04/09 at 2:17 AM
Your work is very interesting!! Exciting and original approach and style! I love it!I can see a very deep understanding of human nature in your work. You are welcome to pop by my page and look at my work. I would really appreciate your opinion on it. If you like it - vote for it! Katerina
Comment by: KATERINA GOROKHOVA on Tuesday 03/03/09 at 1:22 AM