Erna Cooper

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The Venice Apartment and Other Stories. See: title at, Image: Dec. 1999. Book cover: March 2006 Colour Photography/Landscape © c. Erna Cooper (photographer, author, and cover designer)
John Flemming, Warden of Wadham College, Oxford (1993-2003), August 2003 Dry Pastel On Paper © Erna Cooper
Portrait of Ben Cooper in 1947 (close-up), c. September 2009 Dry Pastel On Brown Paper 20" X 26" © Erna Cooper
Portrait of Ben Cooper (circa 1947), c. September 2009 Dry Pastel On Brown Paper 20" X 26" © Erna Cooper
Portrait of Emma Cayley, 2002 Dry Pastel On Brown Paper © Erna Cooper
Study of Degas' "The Tub" ("Le bain"), 1986 (NYU) Dry Pastel On Paper © Erna Cooper
Original Cover Design for my book, "Airspeed Oxford: the Adventures of Joan Yu" (available on Amazon), Published in March 2013 Ink Drawing Followed By Computer Art/Illustration © c. registered to Erna Cooper (VA Copyright Form), in October 2012.
Seated Nude, 1986 Charcoal On Paper 16 X 20 © c. Erna Cooper
Seated Nude in Four Frames, c. 1986 Charcoal On Paper 16 X 20 © Erna Cooper
Nude in Motion, 1986 Ink On Paper 16 X 20 © Erna Cooper
Joerg Serafimov, 2002 Dry Pastel On Paper 18 X 20 © c. Erna Cooper
Family portrait, 1986 Dry Pastel On Blue Paper 16 X 20 © c. Erna Cooper
Framed portrait of Ben Cooper, 2015 Dry Pastel On Brown Paper 16 X 20 © c. Erna Cooper
Study of Degas nude, 1987 Charcoal On Paper 10 X 12 © c. Erna Cooper
Study of Degas' ballerina, 1987 Charcoal On Paper 18 X 20 © c. Erna Cooper
Unfinished portrait of Willa Cather (for book cover), November 2015 Charcoal, Pencil And Dry Pastel On Grey Paper 18 X 20 © c. Erna Cooper
Original Portrait for Cover Design of new book on aesthetics in women's writing (Peter Lang, 2017) Charcoal And Pencil On Paper 16 X 20 © c. Erna Cooper
Quick Facts
Los Angeles, California, USA
Birth year
Beverly Hills High School, grad with Honors
Wadham College, Oxford University, M.St., M.Litt. in Modern Languages (French) and English
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
New York University (NYU)
cultural-center realism, gallery, government, studio-lofts, publication, guild, arts-education installation, landscape, performance, traditional, photography, digital, figurative, sculpture, exhibition/performance

I am a writer, translator and fine artist, trained at NYU, UCLA and Oxford University. I grew up in Beverly Hills, California and began my higher education with a fine art scholarship to New York University, after placing second in the Beverly Hills Art League's Senior Art Competiton, sponsored by the Beverly Hills Unified School District and the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.

After college, I left for graduate studies at Wadham College, Oxford, and have lived and travelled extensively over the last twenty years, including: England, France, Austria, Hungary and Italy, drawing inspiration for my art from many places.

At the moment, I am completing a book on aesthetics in women's literature, and will be using my own art for the cover design. The work is entitled Chiaroscuro: Aesthetics, Values and Autobiography in the Works of Willa Cather and Marguerite Duras, and it will be published by Peter Lang's Cultural Identities Series in 2016.

I am, by nature, a portrait artist with permanent installations of my work at Wadham College, Oxford, and elsewhere in Europe. I should note that I provide the cover art for all of my book publications as well, some of which are featured on this profile, including illustration and landscape photography. My private clients (for portrait commissions) are worldwide, including the US, France and Switzerland. I also have a great love of life drawing, and my media of choice are charcoal, pencil, and dry pastel. My greatest inspirations are the Renaissance masters, such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Rembrandt, as well as the impressionists (Renoir, Degas, Monet and Cassatt).