Glenn Ossiander

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In It To Win, 2007 Acrylic On Canvas 64 X 60 © 2007
10,000 Days, 2004 Acrylic On Canvas 40 X 36 © 2004
Ember, 2006 Acrylic On Panel 20 X 20 © 2006
Fast and Furious, 2007 Acrylic On Canvas 34 X 64 © 2007
Sunny Side Up, 2007 Acrylic On Canvas 56 X 60 © 2007
Bubbles from the Bottom, 2007 Acrylic On Canvas 60 X 56 © 2007
Lipstick Traces, 2006 Acrylic On Canvas 60 X 56 © 2006
Picnic on the Sun, 2006 Acrylic On Panel 60 X 56 © 2006
Not on the Menu, 2007 Acrylic On Canvas 56 X 60 © 2007
In It to win, 2007 Acrylic On Canvas 60 X 64 © 2007
Back in a Flash, 2007 Acrylic On Canvas 56" X 60"
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Birth year
Lives in
Los Angeles
Works in
Los Angeles
Representing galleries
LA • Gallery IMA, Seatlle • Trinity Gallery, Atlanta, George Billis Gallery
California, color-field, contemporary

It has always fascinated me that two people looking at the same image see 

different things. My pictures, which might be called non-objective, abstract-expressionist 

color field paintings (now there’s a mouthful!) make no attempt to represent anything 

in a direct way. Yet people are always pointing out things they see in them. Sometimes 

I can see those things too and other times they remain invisible to me. Although landscape 

allusions frequently sneak into my paintings,most of the time I’m trying to evoke 

a sense of energy, mood, light. 

I’ve never been timid in using color. Living in Los Angeles has had an effect on the 

way I see color. Often the light in the city flattens color. Other times it can be vivid. 

Where I live, along the coast, the light is usually clear and clean and the colors 

of the ocean, sky, mountains and foliage are brilliant—it is a wonderful environment 

for a painter.”

Solo and Group Exhibitions

 2007    Three Person Show                   George Billis Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

 2007    Two person show                       Gallery I M A, Seattle, WA

 2006    Two person show                       Gallery I M A, Seattle, WA

 2006    Four person show                       Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Art Rental and Sales Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

 2006    Three Person Show                   George Billis Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

 2006    Group show Incognito                Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA

 2005   Summer Salon Group show      George Billis Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

 2005   Abstract/Distract Group show    Berozkina Gallery,  Kirkland, WA

 2005   Liquitex Artist of the Month

 2004   Solo Exhibition                             Art at El Paseo Square, Palm Desert, CA

 2004   Group show Incognito                 Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA

 2004   Two-person exhibition                Berozkina Gallery, Kirkland, WA

 2003   Solo exhibition                             Berozkina Gallery, Kirkland, WA

 2002   Two-person exhibition                Berozkina Gallery, Kirkland, WA

 2001    Solo exhibition                            Art Center/Palisades, Pacific Palisades, CA

 2001    Artists for Hope                            City of Hope/Kraft Art Studios, Los Angeles, CA

 2000    Solo exhibition                            Art Center/Palisades, Pacific Palisades, CA

 1991    Solo exhibition                           AT&T Corporate Gallery, Hopewell, NJ

 1990    Solo exhibition                           Kling Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

 1989    Solo exhibition                           Hicks Art Center, Newtown, PA

 1988    Solo exhibition                           Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission, Bethlehem, PA

Juried Exhibitions

2005   Made in California                      City of Brea Gallery,  Brea, CA

1992   Three Rivers Arts Festival         Pittsburgh, PA

1992   Pennsylvania Painters              Bucknell University —Clement Greenberg, juror, Lewisburg, PA

1989   Springfield Art League              National Exhibition, Springfield Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA

1989   32nd Chattaqua National Exhibition of American Art, Chattaqua, New York

1988   American Artists Professional League/Salamagundi Club, New York City



Whenever Glenn Ossiander is asked how long he has been an artist, he always answers “for as long as I can remember”. He began drawing as a child, copying pictures from the newspaper. He attended a technical high school in Philadelphia where half of every school day was devoted to fundamentals of drawing, painting, composition, color theory, lettering, printmaking, typography, graphic design and photography.

                        His graduation portfolio won a full scholarship to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Glenn also attended the Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts) and the School of Visual Arts in NYC, where he learned skills that led him into a long and successful career as an art director and creative director in Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles.

                        His interest in fine arts never waned. In 1980 he began to paint in a non-objective abstract style. Glenn says it took some time to gain the skill to paint in this genre and to find a style he could say was his own. Since then he’s had many one-artist shows and his paintings have been included in numerous group exhibitions. Today Glenn’s work hangs in many private, public and corporate collections. 

            Since living in Los Angeles Glenn’s art has changed. Colors have become more vivid, richer, and the mood mellower. While his paintings can’t really be called Southern California pictures, there is little doubt that the move from east coast to west has had a significant effect on the way this painter sees the world.


                                                            Born 1941, Philadelphia PA

 Education                                        Full Scholarship

                                                            Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

                                                            Philadelphia, PA

                                                            Studied painting under Hobson Pittman and Morris Blackburn


                                                            Graphic design studies at

                                                            The Philadelphia College of Art  and

                                                            The School of Visual Arts, NYC


 Professional experience             Advertising industry creative executive

                                                            for more than 25 years in Philadelphia, New York,

                                                            Bethlehem and Los Angeles.


                                                            Represented  painter since 1985



                                                            Board of Directors,

                                                            Lehigh Valley Chamber Orchestra

                                                            Allentown, PA

                                                            Served as president for three year term



                                                            Chair of the Arts Advisory Council

                                                            Lehigh Valley Hospital

                                                            Allentown, PA


                                                            2005 to present


                                                            St. Matthews Music Guild

                                                            Pacific Palisades, CA                                     



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