Melissa Ann Lambert

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Kateri, 2013 Mixed Media Digital 12 3/4" X 12 3/4" © 2013
Gatur, 2013 Mixed Media Digital 12 3/4" X 12 3/4" © 2013
Aelator, 2013 Mixed Media Digital 12 3/4" X 12 3/4"
Moxa, 2012 Mixed Media Digital Collage 42" X 42"
Cāng Moon, 2011 Mixed Media Digital Collage 12.75 X 12.75 © 2011
Covalent, 2012 Mixed Media Digital Collage 12.75 X 12.75 © 2012
Joule, 2012 Mixed Media Digital Collage 42" X 42" © 2012
Doppelganger, 2009 Mixed Media Large Format Light Box 48" X 48" © 2009
Mahayuga, 2010 Digital Art 42" X 42" © 2010
Apsis, 2011 Digital Art 42" X 42" © 2011
Cho Hwa, 2010 Mixed Media 42" X 42" © 2010
Soma, 2011 Digital 48" X 48" Back Lit © 2011
Continu Espace-temps, 2010 Mixed Media 48" X 48" © 2010
Bicontinuous, 2010 Mixed Media 42" X 42" © 2010
Wuji Triptych, 2010 Mixed Media In A Light Box 48" X 12' © 2010
Orbit, 2009 Mixed Media 42" X 42" © 2009
Untitled (echoing fields), 2008 Mixed Media 36" X 42" © 2008
Momentum, 2008 Mixed Media Digital Collage 42" X 42" © 2008
Slipping, 2007 Mixed Media Digital Collage 42" X 42"
Calabi Yau (Hidden Light Series) © Melissa Lambert
Stigma, 2014 Digital 8" X 14" © 2014
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Los Angeles
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Shown work at: Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery at Bowling Green State University, School of Art, Ohio; Los Angeles Center for Digital Art; Armory Center for the Arts;, other miscellaneous galleries. Seeking representation.
figurative, mixed-media, installation, photography, digital

Melissa Ann Lambert is a a mixed-media artist whose works include traditional media (watercolor, pastel, pen and ink, oil, acrylic); digital or new media, and combinations of both. Recently she is producing large format light boxes, and plans on including LED format boxes, which can be framed. Upcoming plans include three dimensional works and animation/film.

While working as a Software Engineer at Warner Electra Atlantic, she began to build a body of newly inspired works in late 2002. After producing many abstract pieces on paper, she purchased a camera for documentation purposes. With experimentation, she soon learned to make art integrating elements from her traditional medium works, photography, and a variety of digital methods.

In April of 2008, Ms. Lambert was selected by curator Shaurya Kumar of Bowling Green University, Ohio to be in the exhibit "Perfect with Pixel", an international exhibition that focuses on works that are done by integrating digital with traditional art-making methods. The exhibit ran from September 9 to October 5, 2008. In December 2007, curators Howard Fox of LACMA, Peter Frank of the Riverside County Museum of Art, and Rex Bruce from the LA Center for Digital Art juried work from her "current work" series into a show at LACDA which ran from August 14 through September 6, 2008. Her work was recently featured in the retrospective "Intuitive Eye: The Diana Zlotnick Collection" at the Los Angeles Valley College Art Gallery February 18 - March 26, 2009.


Melissa Ann Lambert employs digital media and photographic elements in a painterly fashion, creating half-submerged half-worlds populated by elusive, febrile presences and potent, concentrated spectacles of pure -- or nearly pure -- light. Nothing is as it seems -- nor, as the Zen koan reminds us, is it otherwise."
- Peter Frank, writer, curator

" Employing an arsenal of digital tools, Melissa Lambert mines a hallucinatory territory embedded with personal codes and signals that lend her dizzying, pixelated surfaces unusual depth."
- Michael Ned Holte, writer

"Melissa Ann Lambert is definitely in the inner worlds mode of Matta, Onslow-Ford, and Pallen. The blurring of inner and outer, micro and macro, she has that. Count me among her fans."
- Bill Sheehy, Latin American Masters
Bergamot Station

"When I first met Melissa Lambert she presented a world to me that blocked out all others, and I received new dimension in my own life. I have collected and followed her work since 2005 and introduced her work to others, who have been as equally taken by her work.

"In a way I see her work relating to, say, the work of Wallace Berman-- one which originated from the verifax machine and the other from digital manipulation through a computer.

"I recently declined to donate work to a Museum because I felt it needed to stay in my collection."
- Diana Zlotnick, collector

MELISSA ANN LAMBERT produces images of profound depth and mystery, even when their sources and subjects are as familiar to us as our own names. Exploiting new technologies and new sources of visual material, Lambert conjures a world – perhaps a universe – that reveals its secrets and its complexities with a reticent grandeur, cloaking them in an obscurity resistant, but ultimately not immune, to the eye’s penetration. In this way, even when creating portraits of well-known people and including well-known things in her atmospheric compositions, Lambert poses us a gentle challenge, to come into her visual realm, where events unfold gradually and resonantly.

-Peter Frank, 2012

Jazz in L.A. quotes:

"Melissa Lambert's atmospheric images of live jazz in LA embrace the mood, giving imagery to the music itself. Employing a variety of tools, the photographs exist on multitude of levels. Notes and phrases lyrically weave in and out of one another, providing a rich canvas of rhythm and melody. The image becomes the music"

-- Greg Cohen, photographer, curator, and writer

"Melissa Lambert wants to preserve the magic of the moment as she photographs jazz musicians playing in dark, smoky clubs. She then draws directly onto the photographic images. The result: fresh, surreal and kinetic."- Diana Zlotnick, Newsletter on the Arts

Influences include the latest fantastical discoveries of particle physics, superstring, holonomic brain and biotic theory, and Taoism. Authors as diverse as Gary Zukov, Brian Greene, Daniel Goleman, Carlos Castenada, Aldous Huxley, Joseph Campbell, William Blake, and Carl Jung have influenced her perception and vision.