A. McLean Emenegger

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Untitled (After J. Cornell) (or)..., 2007 Mixed Media In Vintage Thread Box 20” X 10” X 12” © artist
What's in Your Secret Drawer Trinkets, Vintage Photo, Vintage Ge Bulb Box, Organic Material, Wax, Thread 13 ¾” X 7 ½” X 7 ½ “ © artist
Collectively Individual , 2009 Vintage Photos, Beeswax, Mysterious Wood Object 2” X 2 ½ “ X 6” © artist
On My Sleeve..., 2009 Wasp Nest, Shirt Cuff, Organic Material, Thread, Buttons, Vintage Photo, Vintage Cigar Box 4” X 6” X 4 ½ “ © artist
Faded Civility, 2009 Vintage Condiment Caddy, Thread, Coral, Beeswax, Bees 9” X 12” X 10” © artist
Boogey Man, 2005 Torn Book Pages, Vintage Photos, Twigs, String, Acrylic Paint On Wood 19” X 8” © artist
Echo Rethinks Things: I Ain't No Hollaback Girl, 2007 Vintage Doll & Oil Painting, Wood, Spools, Book, Doily, Mirror, Acrylic Paint 15” X 10” X 8 © artist
It Ain't What They Taught You, 2007 Vintage Box, Dental Bridge, Vintage Postcard, Torn Pages From Various Books, Bees, Beeswax, String 6 ½” X 7” © artist
Welcome Back After the Fall, 2007 Gilded Wish Bones, Thread, Torn Pages From Various Books, Bees In White Beeswax, Acrylic And Lacquer On Pine, Brass Placard 3 ¾” X 8 ¾” X 11 ½” © artist
Po Tee Weet: Kurt's Faux Eden, 2007 Faux Bird, Butterflies, Bee, Pearls, Branch Skeleton, Twigs, Frayed Carpet, Thread, Acrylic And Lacquer On Wood 8 ½” X 6 ¾” X 9 ½ “ © artist
Hoisted By Your Own Batard, 2007 Beeswax, Bee, Pomegranate, Vintage Wood Box, Mirror, String, Buttons 10” X 8” X 3” © artist
The Butterfly and the Grave Digger, 2007 Found Lead Toy, Beeswax, Bee, Matchbook, Faux Butterfly, Spool, Twigs, Sugar Crystals 11" X 4" X 3" © artist
Quilt - installation , 2007 Mixed Media Size Variable Pieces Unique © artist
Qulit - Shadow House, 2007 Bones, Vintage Matches, Vintage Photo, Thread, Crocheted Quilt Square 8 ½” X 8 ½” © artist
Quilt - Salvation: Perversity in Extreme, 2007 Bone, Torn Page From Book, Vintage Garter Belts, Shell Piece, Vintage Litmus Paper, Panned Gold From Knott’S Berry Farm, Porcelain Doll Arm, Vintage Photo, Thread, Crocheted Quilt Square 8 ½” X 8 ½” © artist
Quilt - She's Out There & In Here, 2007 Vintage Photo, Thread, Faux Butterfly And Pearls, Mother Of Pearl Shell, Hair, Match, Glass Vile, Crocheted Quilt Square 8 ½” X 8 ½” © artist
Soul Mining, 2007 Beeswax, Antique Doily, Flowers Dipped In White Beeswax, Vintage Matches, Twigs, String, Antique Locket, Vintage Photo, Acorns, Acrylic And Lacquer On Wood 23” X 8 ½ © artist
Soul Mining - detail, 2007 © artist
Mirrors, 2010 Photo, Felt, Thread 12" X 11" © artist
Betty, 2009 Photo, Felt, Thread 12" X 11" © artist
Judgement Day, 2008, from "Long Weekend" window group exhibtion, Pasadena Felt, Thread, Shredded Art Forum, Jennifer Vanderpool Art Pieces
I Heart My Fine China, 2008, from "Don't Fence Me In," Bandini Art, Culver City Felt, Rubber Snakes, Lite Brite, Faxe Flowers 12' X 12' © artist
What's the Matter with Mommy?, 2008, 2009, from exhibtions "What's the Matter with Mommy," and "WTMWM - The Hangover" Mixed 5' X 5' © artist
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Milo + McLean, assemblage, installation mixed-media, installation

Artist Statement:


Life is a bewildering interplay of real and metaphoric opposites – positive and negative, light and dark, beatific and abhorrent.  It’s an ostensible push-pull conundrum, yet stasis is wrought by acceptance of the inherent disparate nature of life. 


I have found that a prevalent theme in many biblical and cultural mythologies is the enforced separation of congruent opposites, things once whole being torn asunder.  I surmise that a longing for unification is the crux of that which ails the human condition; a longing as the deepest form of lament over things once whole being divided.

The prevailing theme of my assemblage is that longing, an indescribable yet pervasive sensation that does not have a specific remedy or definition.  My pieces are evocations of reclamation of the whole. Using found objects and family and found photographs, I assemble sepia-toned memories, distant yet familiar ancestries, in hazy dream-like vignettes and mythological microcosms laden with clues and codes that insinuate their tales.  By using antiquated objects, I draw the viewer into the past so that the relationship with the work is more unconscious than readily recalled. 

While the thrust of my assemblage work is more esoteric in nature, through my installation work I am more overt and cheeky in my insinuations and suppositions.  These pieces still contend with life’s weightier subjects, but the demonstration is playful, pointing out the absurdity of various imposed and unwitting conditions as well implying compassionate resolve if we all lighten up a bit. 

The outwardly disjointed manifestations of my work are intentional, permission to exploit dichotomy – reverence and irreverence.  My assemblage denotes my more veiled, contemplative side while the installation work expresses my external persona- two sides of a complex human coin.  One side proffers a contained volume; the other is on eleven. 

 Professional background:

A. Mclean is an independent curator, art writer, artist advisor, and visual artist career coach.  She recently launched the art consultancy firm Milo + McLean and founded McLean Fine Art in 2004. As Director of Bandini Art Gallery, Culver City, she curated many of its critically recognized exhibitions. Her independent curatorial projects have been reviewed in the LA Times, Artweek, Artscene, Review Magazine, and on The Huffington Post, among others.  A staff writer for, her freelance art reviews and articles have been featured in multiple publications.  In 2009, A. McLean served as managing editor for THE Magazine LA.  During her tenure as Executive Director of the Gallery 825/LAAA, she presented hundreds of exhibitions and educational programs that received public and critical acclaim.  Prior to Gallery 825, she worked at the Santa Monica Museum of Art.