Suchit Sahni

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Metropolitan, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 36 X 48 Inch © Suchit Sahni
Metropolitan 2, 09 Acrylics On Canvas 45 X 60 Inch © Suchit Sahni
Metropolitan 8 Acrylic On Canvas 48 X 48 Inch © Domus Art Gallery - New Delhi
Metropolitan 3
Can't find the switch...need help.., 2010 Acrylics On Canvas 36 Inch X 48 Inch © Suchit Sahni
I am at a height...., 2010 Acrylics On Canvas 36 X 48 Inch © Suchit Sahni
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New Delhi, India
pop, mixed-media, installation, landscape, surrealism, modern, digital, conceptual, exhibition/performance

Suchit's paintings pulsate with colour. Using bold, bright colours, his paintings are primarily abstract, with the occasional hint of a figure or an object. In his metropolitan series, Suchit explores everyday symbol of his urban environment. His paintings capture the ordinary urban life shrouded with mystery, strife and essence of a city life. Being born and brought up in Delhi his paintings speaks of his well understanding of the nuances and surveillance of a city life. The bright colours speak of youth and contemporary pop culture with a difference.

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