Alycia Baca

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in time, 2011 June Graphite 18" X 24" © acreativeartist 2011
Charcoal 18" X 24" © acreativeartist 2011
Charcoal 18 X 24
Charcoal 18 X 24
eye see, 2012 Pencil 9 X 12 Inches © acreativeartist
Flamenco Dancer © acreative artist Alycia Baca
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Johnsons of Madrid Galleries Rosemont Art Gallery, K.I.S.S. Coffee & Gallery
gallery realism painting, arts-education mixed-media surrealism painting, painting, drawing, sculpture, digital, exhibition/performance


Hi, my name is Alycia Baca and I am an Artist and Sculptress here in New Mexico.

I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Always Believe, I had no idea I could paint. I have had no training in painting or sculpture. About two years ago a friend of mine said if you can sculpt you can paint.

Always Believe, I believe God can surprise you at any time. My mother Was a concert pianist and violinist and composer, and my father is an actor and singer and a retired fireman. I always felt like I had to have something coming from these talented people but for many years I felt almost like an outcast and I was always searching for that special job. What was I good at and why can’t I find it.

Always Believe, I made my first sculpture a few years ago and my son is the one that said I was really good at sculpture. I thank God for letting me find something I can do. I also thank God for helping me to go through all those years of searching and feeling so alone. Sounds wrong, but I have learned a lot.

Always Believe is my little tag I use with my signature and I hope it helps remind all of us that life is in motion and yes we all go through our own form of motion sickness and treatment centers and at times we are walking the plank, and then suddenly everything is great... If I had given up and taken my life, I would have missed out on this very moment in time. I believe God had me go through a lot so that the movements that are seen are clear and the emotions that are felt are controlled bringing out there true expression.

Always Believe, in GOD and YOURSELF and don't forget you are in motion you may not feel it and it might seem that it just isn’t true but you really are and everything you experience is something to learn from and you might as well face it, you will always be riding the waves.

ALWAYS BELIEVE, you never know what’s coming, have faith and learn from each experience  ***Not long after I wrote this, I had my mother pass away and then we had a house fire.  I can also tell you that one of my kids had been spending a lot of time alone and I was really beginning to worry.  Well the house fire was horrible and we lost about everything.  I didn’t have insurance.  I had taken care of my mother for the past ten years and was paid to do that.  So when my mother passed away I lost my income.  I know it sounds unbelievable and it was.   Even more unbelievable is the fact that I can honestly say I am thankful for the fire because the child I was so concerned about changed in the most positive ways.  I can also say there was an angel on the wall and not one thing burned in that room.  There was nothing in front of that wall to create the angel.

PLEASE HAVE HOME FIRE DRILLS!PLEASE!    You have very little time and know where a flash light is.  You cannot imagine how fast things can burn.  The fire did around $25,000 in damages.  The house was insured the contents were not. Fortunately my children were fine and I was fiine So everything you experience is something to learn from and you will always be riding those waves Always beleive and look for the positive.  There is someone out there  riding a TITAL WAVE just think. of that.