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Birth In Anatolia-2, 2003 Ink On Paper 35x50cm
The Self Portrait-2, 2003 Ink On Paper 35x50cm
The Last Look At The World Ink On Paper 35x50cm
Harmonies Of The Earth Ink On Paper 35x50cm
My Fantasies-22 Ink On Paper 35x50cm
The Children Of The Sea Ink On Paper 35x50cm
Ink On Paper 35x50cm
My Fantasies-2 Ink On Plastic
My Fantasies-4 Ink On Plastic
My Fantasies-6 Ink On Plastic
My Fantasies-7 Ink On Paper 35x50cm
My Fantasies-8 Ink On Paper 35x50cm
My Fantasies Ink On Plastic
The Birds Ink On Plastic
The Man Under The Rainbow Ink On Plastic
The Virgin In My Dreams Ink On Plastic
He Was Not Jesus On The Cross Ink On Paper 35x50cm
The Shine Of Jesus Ink On Paper 35x50cm
The Balance Of The Spoilt Ink On Paper 35x50cm
The Story Of The Red Fish Ink On Paper 35x50cm
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Adana & Tyana
cultural-center, figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, performance, photography, exhibition/performance


1958, Safe Bute was born in Nigde - Turkey

2007, International Project Director & President of the 1st. International  Contemporary Art Biennial of Adana

2006, Honorary Member of Cultural Association Terra Dell´Arte in Italy

2005, Member of the Artistic Committee of the International Arad Biennale of Contemporary Art in Romania.

2003, 4th award winner of the International Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art in Italy.

2001, 2000 WAIS People Choice Award Winner at the "Ten Top World Artists Invitational Show" organized by Artists Own Registry in Australia.

1999 Nominated to the Time Magazine online poll in the category of Most Influential Artist of the 20th Century

1998 Featured artist at ArtQuest in USA



The Travellıng Weave - Adana State Art Gallery - 06-12 December 2006

Galerie LA DECOUVERTE  Rabat - Morocco - 29 November 2006 - 09 December 2006

INTER-ART International Art Camp in Aiud - Romania - 10-26 August 2006

International Summer Art Camp "Lucian Grigorescu" Medgidia - Romania 26 July - 08 August 2006 

The Travelling Weave - Deja vu The University of Georgia - 15 Apr - 30 June 2006

Art Gallery Ripustus, Hameelinna Finland 27 Oct 30 Dec 2005

The 1902 OCAF Art Center Art Gallery - Georgia USA - 02 Oct 12 Nov 2005

Salonul De Toamna - Gallerııle INTER-ART Aıud - Romania 16-19 Oct 2005

Urla Quarantine Island International Fine Arts Symposium - 23 Sep 02 Oct 2005

3rd. Safa Bute's Live Performance Art Event - Adana - 08 May 2005

Porto Recenaty Contemporary Arts Gallery - Italya - 11-26 Sep 2004

2nd. Safa Bute's Live Performance Art Event - Adana - 02 May 2004

1st. Safa Bute's Live Performance Art Event - Adana - 04 Feb 07 Mar 2004

4. Florence Biennale - Italy - 06-15 Dec 2003

Yapı Kredi Kemalsatır Art Gallery - Adana - 08-30 Apr 1999

Akbank Beylerbeyi Art Gallery - Istanbul - 15 Apr 04 May 1998

Akbank Kızılay Art Gallery - Ankara - 17 Feb 06 Mar 1997

Akbank Bursa Art Gallery - Bursa - Apr May 1996

Icel Art Clup Art Gallery - Mersin - 21 Sep 07 Oct 1995

Akbank Adana Art Gallery - Adana - 10-27 Jan 1995

Akbank Cankaya Art Gallery - Ankara - 15-30 Dec 1993

Akbank Koprubası Art Gallery - Eskisehir - 26 Oct 12 Nov 1993

ACS Art Gallery - Adana - 24 Sep 02 Oct 1993

Akbank Trabzon Art Gallery - Trabzon - 30 Apr 18 May 1993

Akbank Isparta Art Gallery - Isparta - 17 Feb 05 Mar 1993

Yapı Kredi Setbasi Art Gallery - Bursa - 18 Oct 13 Nov 1992

Akbank Ordu Art Gallery - Ordu - 17 Apr 08 May 1992

Adana Municipality Art Gallery - Adana - 08-12 Apr 1992

Akbank Denizli Art Gallery - Denizli - 21 Jan 07 Feb 1992

Yapı Kredi Mustafabey Art Gallery - İzmir - 18 Sept - 08 Oct 1991

Yapı Kredi Ofis Art Gallery - Diyarbakır - Apr 1991

Sivas State Fine Art Gallery - Sivas - Jan Feb 1991

Yapı Kredi Balıkesir Art Gallery - Balıkesir - Dec 1990

Akbank Adana Art Gallery - Adana - 08-25May 1990

Safa Bute is now creating his art works at his studios located in Adana City and Tyana.




The unbelievable amount of energy it takes to create such tedious drawings calls upon an intense amount of patience and time.

Because of the tedious detail in my works, I create only 3 - 4 original art works a year. It takes thousands of hours (as well as patience) to create a work with thousands of intricate lines without the use of guides or rulers. Because of these fine details that have become known as the "Safa Bute Style".

I have never had any academic art education which has helped me establish my own "style". I started creating art before I could even read or write and had my first solo exhibition at the tender age of twelve. My feelings, my thoughts, my fantasies and dreams make me want to create my style of art. I don't even care if I have food, clothing or cigarettes, as long as I can create art that brings me fulfillment.

I am quite creative in the late evening up to the wee hours of the morning but feel most creative after making love. I begin by picturing a work in my own mind (some even appear in my dreams), then consciously creates this thought process on paper or canvas. My work is intensely detailed with very fine, almost delicate lines that encompass the "Safa Bute Style". Many people who have attended my exhibits, as well as critics in my own country, have unsuccessfully tried to categorize my work. I have since visited the Library and searched every book I could lay my hands on from the 14th century through the present day artists and has come away with nothing that even resembles my work. Experts and attendees at my exhibits have come to know my work as simply the "Safa Bute Style."

When drawing, it is just not possible for me to erase; and I amazingly, do not use rulers, guides or stencils. I mentions the hardest part for me "Is to create the image in my mind". I create using ink, pens, pencils, brushes, fingers and even my own blood on occasion for color. Paper and Canvas are usually the foundation for my marks.