Elizabeth Leister

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I love your work,Elisabeth. It is ao special and well done. I am also a collage person.
Comment by: Stefan. Fransson. on Friday 04/24/09 at 6:55 PM
I was surfing and just found your work. It's very inspirational! I would like to invite you to view my site and take a look at my sculpture, "avant-garde ikebana #3." If you like it, please vote it for May Showcase Entry. Thank you.
Comment by: Taiko Fujimura on Wednesday 04/08/09 at 2:49 PM
girl and boy
is very cool. it's hip, contemporary and speaks volumes about war-time america (because i'm assuming that the image on the right is of someone injured in either iraq or afghanistan)
Comment by: azure edwards on Wednesday 04/08/09 at 1:24 PM
I like your..
absurd collages.
Comment by: Stefan. Fransson. on Tuesday 04/07/09 at 7:49 PM