Tiffany Smith

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Tiffy hello
like your work, great ideas, and creativity, Did you install your, I mean did you have to stay there over night? I do installations from time to time but never install myself great imagination kid Rey
Comment by: Reynaldo Villarreal on Monday 04/20/09 at 5:50 PM
Hello Tiffany, Your works are full of depth indeed, i would like to see some more of your works. I invite you to visit my gallery & examine my works, & if you like them, maybe you will vote for them. Hope to hear from you soon. Warm regards
Comment by: SUVAM MAJUMDER on Sunday 04/12/09 at 9:14 PM
what do they do with my money? spend it on macrobiotic diets and louis vuitton bags, i suppose. polaroids are a lost art and yours are lovely
Comment by: azure edwards on Wednesday 04/08/09 at 1:33 PM
In a Box
cool Hello Tiffany, my name is Craig Cantrell, I'm new here so most of my Art work is at under cdcantrell,stop in have a look a round.
Comment by: Craig Cantrell on Wednesday 04/08/09 at 4:52 AM